Whats happened?

About twenty minutes ago -  I wrote a blog post - a small one actually - about what has been going on since my last post two months ago till today. I then found out the internet connection was off, and that only one paragraph was saved.

And re-writing it -  bored me. 

I do not like to re-write something that I have already spent my limited creative juices on. I don't like to hear the same thing twice, the same story twice, anything more than twice. I guess that's why I only one have kid ( haha! Related to a joke I read long time ago).

Long story short -  lot of things happened.
But nothing interesting to write about it now since whatever I did write has not been saved.
Things that did not happen:
Me losing weight
Me having another child
My son working spending less time on the computer
My son less time negotiating with me on mobile phone usage.
My hubby talking about work
My mum complaining about her kids- to her kids.

I will list down some other day - what changes did happen. 

Oh by the way -  I finally lost interest in that Hindi drama that I was watching since July. Actually the first few seasons were good. I managed to catch up all the seasons and was up to date. But the break came when too many weddings were happening to the same guy! It just broke the magic for me.

Will update when I have something new to update.

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