Growing pains

When kids grow out of their bubbly features and start negotiating with you for their time on electronic gadgets -  it is high time I should remember that when the same child falls sick -  their demands are now different than they were when they were helpless little blub of flesh.

My kid, somehow suddenly fall sick a night ago and I say suddenly because, there was no way I could have known. He didn’t eat or drink anything cold, and was not stuck in the rain prior. I just have no idea how he got sick. Hence, I had to stay back from work and get him to the local GP and tend to him the whole day.  All he wanted to do was switch on the TV, lay on the couch and watch MechX and Gravity Falls the entire day. And all I wanted was for him to rest on his bed and stay away from TV. I managed to get him to rest, sleep and even do 2 worksheets the first half of the day and in return I gave him TV access for the second half.

Because he didn’t sleep the whole day whilst loaded up on cough and fever syrup, he finally slept on the couch by 8pm. But when I checked on him hours later in his room -  he was burning high and slept lightly.  He said he wanted a cup of warm water -  got him that as well as the ibuprofen. When I tried to get him to drink the ibuprofen -  he kept saying “No mummy. I don’t want that.” He looked at me, with the serious grown mature look as if he knew his body well enough and really didn’t want that dose. It was then I realised -  he’s no longer a baby. He’s no more whining and complaining and crying. He’s telling me slowly and clearly that he knows his body and illness well and he does not want another dose anymore. But then that’s the difference -  no more whining and crying. Now it’s all serious talk and negotiating – but still a refusal of meds.

I slept with him on his bed, feeling him as and when I can and every time I do that he’s awake and tells me “I’m fine Mummy”. And when it was time for me to go to work and for him to be sent to my mum’s -  he got himself dressed and cleaned and went about saying, “Mummy I am ready. You tell me the bus number to take and I will get on it and go to West Coast myself!”.

I feel like an old woman nowadays with him growing up and talking stuffs that I had put off talking for a couple of more years to come. He talked about life the other night. I asked him for the meaning of it and he said life means finding our destiny. I had a small heart palpitation when he said that because firstly he has no idea what destiny means (I found that out later), and secondly, I have no idea where he got that idea from. Was it from school or student care? Was it my mum or sis? Was it from Mind craft or Roblox (online games)? Goodness so many places where he is easily influenced! (Note I didn't mention hubby or me because we hardly talk about destiny with him lurking around us)

He said he knew that from Gumball (from the Amazing World of Gumball -  our favourite cartoon this phase since he has grown out of Phineas and Ferb phase and Ben 10 before that).

My son is now taking life lesson from an animated character who happens to be a result of a rabbit and cat breeding and has a talking and walking goldfish for a brother.

Yes – he’s grown up.

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