Serial and serious addiction

I started watching a particular Hindi serial that has hot good looking dudes in it last week. I am so proud to say that I completed watching season one  ( which had 38 episodes) in 2 days - which includes the night as well. Because it has become an addiction again  - I have been trying to look for a pattern to break this addiction once and for all. I cant say I actually found it -  but I saw some of it.

  1. Apparently when there is a home function, not only the Malay folks color co ordinate their wardrobe -  the North Indian walas do too -  with style. The same color fabric and shade among the men and women.
  2. These people have too many functions.
  3. They have lots of marriage rituals called rasam ( Rasam is tamarind soup in tamil)
  4. Costume jewelry is fantastic. Where are they getting these done? Chandini Chowk?
  5. All the ladies have long thick waist length hair
  6. The men are so so good looking
  7. The heroine is usually the homely, sindoor and mangalsutr wearing woman after marriage
  8. Before marriage the heroine is always seen wearing off shoulder tops and gagras but somehow is considered to be a middle class orphan.*
  9. And the heroine always falls and the hero breaks the fall saving her.**
  10. Hero and heroine always have some special moments where they lock eyes and someone sings in the background.***
  11. You are officially married if the groom places the sindoor to your forehead. But don't worry -  if you are in a hurry to be married -  just slit the guy's wrist and ensure blood drips on the forehead. In Tamil culture  -  they just need a yellow string. 
  12. Also another important matter -  you have to walk around a fire 7 times to be husband and wife. ( Thankfully I never got to walk around fire with any guy )
  13. If the hero wants to prove a point, he will manhandle the heroine -  that is done in style and it looks hot - though actually it shouldn't be. 
  14. If only manhandling a woman was that hot and sexy! 

In the show that I watch -  the hero practically bullies the heroine though shes shown to be smart, cute and funny and intelligent. But I love the show ( Ishqbaaz)

Why am I loving it? Well I am watching it for the handsome dudes. OMG -  they are good. And since I have been binge watching the shows without any English subtitles - I basically understand Hindi now -  that even my thought process converts some words in Hindi.

The other day when walking my son back home, he asked me if he could buy a drink. And I said "Accha beta. Koi nehi problem heh!". It came out without a thought. And the only words I used to say were " dil ho pagal hai", "tum pagal ladka", "tu mera jaan" ,"kuttey and kaminey".

And  I noticed not only are they showing stuffs like dancing to Bollywood music and all they have intelligent conversations within the family about Gender equality, how men are brought up in the Indian society, the barriers between the rich and the poor and so on. I love that traditions and modern times go hand in hand in this serial. And I love the guys (did I say that enough?)
Pic from google 

I laughed so hard watching the first season I practically wheezed through some episodes.

I only am in the middle of season 2 -  and eight hours is not enough to watch the drama between a hot dude and a equally hot lost looking babes.Hopefully I can catch up before my hubby comes back in a week from his trip. Oh I didn't mention that did I? Yeah -  hes away on a working trip. 

I hope this addiction ends soon before I end up looking like a zombie with all those sleepless nights watching this show.

* I am middle class -  I don't have any suits that show off my shoulder and look that good.

**When I slipped and fell ( where I compressed my 3rd lumbar) -  my hubby was busy working. That's reality. 

*** My hubby and I lock eyes for that long a time only when my kid wants his butt cleaned after a shitting session and hes singing in the background!

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