Today is the 2nd phase of fast. The 2nd set of 10 days. There are three sets of fasts (thirty days of  it in total) and today marks the 10th day. So hope you get it. 

During the 1st phase -  unlike every other year - I didn't have hunger pangs (I am ever so grateful to Allah for that), didn't have the dry throat syndrome and didn't yearn for refreshing cold juices or fruits like watermelon. What I did have was exhaustion. Complete exhaustion. And during Iftar -  I feel full the moment I have a glass of water, 2 dates and three scoops of porridge. That's it, I am done and then followed by overwhelming exhaustion again.

I experienced  and still am experiencing decreased metabolism  where I feel sluggish more than ever. Pimples breaking out here and there on my face. I walk slower and have trouble breathing. And worst of it all -  I can feel myself ballooning! I can feel the weight increase, the bloated tummy, my swollen sole and calf. You might think I should stop eating too much during Iftar.  Like I mentioned before, a glass of water, two dates, three scoops of anything and I am full. And hour later -  I will keep drinking water trying to make up for the fluids I lost during the day.

Yesterday -  because the kid's swimming class was brought forward to three plus in the afternoon -  I very very reluctantly brought him to the pool in the hot sun. The moment we came back home, I was dehydrated, sweaty, thirsty and really really slack. 

Now that the second phase has started, the weather has been an added irritant  to me. Its been so hot for the past few days, even my shampoo is above normal room temperature in my toilet! The house is warm when I come out from my AC room and all of us feel the full effect of it. 

Fasting is a challenge physically really. But then the void of food -  brings in a much more clarity to my work. I notice I am focusing a lot more better now and able to retain what I learnt -  well at least a 5% more than before.  I try to walk around here and there during office hours -  but not too much to conserve energy. Mentally -  I am just praying and being thankful to Allah for all the things I have in my life and for the gifts of Allah and all. After all -  Ramadan is the only month we Muslims are really after forgiveness and another chance of clean slate.

Anyway -  I thought I just have to note down the effect of fasting to my body this year and during this phase. Another 19 more days to go -  for more blessings from God.

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