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I have not accessed my Facebook for a very long time. I think over 2 years -right about the same time I became a seafood eating vegetarian. I have experimented every new social networking apps the moment I hear about them and the moment I get tired of them - I delete them from my apps. After getting rid of FB, I got into sharing pics with my contacts and friends in Instagram.

Here there is no bitching, no forward news craps, no pics about the person's daily life. They just post one or more picture, one or two line and that all. And I have come to love browsing stranger's pictures. I only add the contact if I know them personally, I like their profile and if they are good looking. I know - I am shallow.

It is through such social networking sites that I came to know of a growing number of Indian women who are becoming popular through blogging. They are educated house makers, who are at home for the moment to care for their young child/children. They just don't blog about the standard routine in their life (like I do), they write about the current fashion trend, cosmetics, books, cooking, lifestyle, child wear and stuffs like that.

One such blogger (@buncke) I came to know through IG caught my eye when she posted a pic of her sitting down, cross legged in a simple white cotton saree with her long thick cascading hair that reaches her waist and looking out the window. The lighting was good and she looked natural and she was so beautiful. Her eye was kohl lined, she wore sindhu and her accessories light. She posted pics of her with the same Saree but different type of blouse. She explains the type, fabric and print of the blouse. Names I have never heard before.

Not only that - she also dons her only little son with fashionable clothes and she posts pic of hers and her son's Outfit of the day along with accessories. Her pics and posts are cool and shes gathered a huge following.

Another Indian blogger caught my eye because of her smile (@atheetha.rs) and also because of her Sarees. Apparently there was some Saree challenge and this blogger is a Mallu by the way posted  daily pics of herself in a variety of sarees. Also like the former blogger, shes got one small son and a lawyer by profession who loves reading books. Did I say shes got a lovely smile? Shes got the most beautiful smile I have ever seen in any grown women.

And then there's another blogger(@padhuskitchen) also from India, whose passions are cooking and growing foods in her own garden. Most of my dinner ideas are from this blogger's website as well.

Going through these ladies posts and blogs I realized that the Indian women I know personally and the Indian women I am seeing in the social networking sites are not the same. The Indian women in my world are negative, constantly immerse themselves in their child's life, usually homemakers who rather watch serials than do something really productive and usually middle class. I am not saying that all middle class Indian women are negative-  its just that I have been exposed to only this range of ladies. The educated ones I know - well -  I think they read other's blog and all - but I'm not sure of pretty much what they do. Do they meet with other friends, do they have friends? Do they socialize?  Why am I not seeing such ladies in my part of the world?

Even when I am in Chennai, I don't get to know these new age lady bloggers. I must expand my network. Its not correct to stay put where ever I am and judge Indian women based on the people I have come in contact with. That does not correctly identify today's modern Indian home makers.

In her blog, the smiling blogger writes how much shes changed over the years after marriage, her ideas, her thought of parenting, her family, her mother ( shes really into her mum and grandmother) and her network of friends and other parents. She seem to really need the network of people she has over in her place of living. I simply adore the way she talks about her friends and family. Her network of friends are strong, her bond of her family members solid and stable and her love for books and writing and her son  and she also promotes a lot on carrying your baby.

Its this new trend among educated Indians I think to carry their baby around in expensive piece of sarong -  the way the gypsies did and still do. The way the Africans are doing now still. I am not into it of course, but they are passionate about this trend. Carrying and tying your child to you every where you go and all till the age of 4-5. I am of the thinking that a child needs to walk and be independent but that's me. To each his own.

What I adore about these bloggers is their way of making use of the time they have. They are house makers -  but don't expect them to shy away or be conservative. They are free and confident. They have their own days of not so camera nice days too -  but they don't shy away from it. They write about it and they share it with their network of friends.

I feel envious of them. I have friends, but I cannot say I meet out with them for coffee every other day or that I have build network or stuffs like that. I hardly know the parents of my kid's classmates. I think I must do something about that. I need friends, good network of friends who don't sit around gossiping about movies and actors and other people, but actually talk and listen to each other and help each other.

Women thrive in the support of good network of friends and family. I think the Indian ladies I know are not so happy because they are far away from home and are not connected. I feel for them and promise not to judge them or anyone anymore. Well except for the really negative ones that I cannot tolerate and - I shall keep my distance as usual.

Women power people. It does wonder. Ending with a quote I saw in Google.

By the way 18th day of fast...woo hoo!

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