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Geylang Serai at night
Its day 17 of Ramadan. Ever since I avoided going out anywhere when the sun is still out there in the open air -  my fast and its process is going on well. Exhaustion is there still, but as long as I am in an air conditioned room - life is good.

We are almost about to complete the 2nd phase of fasting. We have yet to embark on the annual "pilgrimage" to Geylang Serai for the normal jalan jalan and buy things for the house. This year we have decided not to purchase anything frivolous. Curtains, bedspreads, foods stuffs and all. Its the same every year and I am running out of space to store them at home, Hence this year - no extra expenses.

Home made cookies on sale
I am not sure if this is just us Singaporeans or Muslims worldwide -  but we go spending to buy stuff for the festive occasion especially for Eid. People go on a buying spree for the house because they host open house for their friends and family for 30 days. And when you have guests at home, you cannot invite people over to a messy and unkempt house -  you need to have it clean and neat and smelling nice and looking like one of the pictures in the Home Lifestyle magazine.  I get that. But we are celebrating the end of the thirty days fast. We celebrate completing the reading of the Holy Quran. We celebrate the holy month of seeking blessings and purifying our mental as well as our physical health. You fast for 30 days pushing your body to limits and then you get that one day at the end of it to enjoy. And then that's it. Life moves on. You go on living with the same control you had over the 30 days -  having a grip on your life, money, health and mind.

I guess in the Malay community -  being a very closed knit people they thrive well with family and friends. So on the first day of Eid they commune at an elder's house and then the next elder and the next tagging along with the rest of the relatives in tow. They all want each and every relatives coming over. And since weekdays are working days -  its only during the weekends people are able to go out.
Hence the whole 30 days of jalan jalan. I am sure its fun for the kids and youngsters. But as a fully grown inherently lazy adult like me - I have no interest in going to people's home after home drinking fizzy drinks and eating fat laden cookies. And sad to say -  I have no interest in having people at home too unless its under intimate settings, so we all can talk and have fun. I see no fun in my running around and hosting, doing pre clean up and post cleanups as well. No thanks.

As such, since I am not doing any open house as usual, I am not bothered with the new curtains and stuffs for home, We have to paint - but we might do that next year instead. I prefer the quiet Eids I have. Sure my mum insists of making cookies and that I come over and help her. And yes she insists that on the first day, I have to make an appearance along with my small family to her place and then help her with the feast preparation. This I cannot avoid, being the only daughter who's on call most of the time to help since I am living nearby.

I hate the prep work -  cos I hate sweating. Cooking makes me sweat and I hate sweating on the first day itself. Gone are the days where my mum would slave in the kitchen cleaning and washing and preparing all the ingredients for the feast while my sis and I would sleep. Mum would have only slept for a few hours and she would be up preparing breakfast  and prepare the feast  - while we help with the cookies, prepping them for the neighbor and all. By afternoon -  my mum would look like an over worked  like a engine room oiler man working on board a ship. And guess what we would be doing? Dressed up looking glamorous and all while we wait for the friends to appear so we can entertain.

Gone were those days -  really.

Well my son has not asked for an Open House yet and I guess this will start maybe next year when he gets invited over.  I shall relax, enjoy the fast free days, praying and thanking God  in my heart and enjoy eating my Mum's home made cookies till then.

Note: Images are from Google and not mine.

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