The moment

Fasting has started and things are going well Alhamdulilah. I am able to handle the 14 hours plus of no eating/drinking thankfully. God is showing me mercy!

Anyways -  fasting is going on, which means energy level is being conserved frugally at the moment. Hence happiness, excitement, irritation, anger and all other words that describe all the emotions a typical homosapien feels  -  is turned down a notch this season. Angry? Yeah so what? Happy? Yeah so what? I am in that "so what " zone.  A totally different feel this time. Hopefully this lasts till the end of the fasting month.

Today morning I read about a young woman (@anjalipinto)who found her self suddenly a widow in Instagram. Instagram occasionally will post some exceptional users and today they posted about her. She found herself talking to her husband one moment and the next, gone suddenly due to an unusual and un diagnosed heart issue. She found herself lonely and a widow, shortly a year after her marriage and on the eve of new year. No one should find themselves in that a situation. She posts pics of her late husband and details about him, how shes going through and his memories and all.  I went through most of her post with a heavy heart but when I saw one picture of her -  in which she took a selfie of her reflection crying - her pain clearly reflected in her face -  I cried for her loss. Waking up every day to face a life without her love  -  I understand what that meant and clearly I don't want to go through it again. I pray for her that she finds peace in her heart to move on in memory of her husband.

I was still thinking about this young woman when I was getting dressed to work, when my boy roused from his sleep asked me to hug him so that he can feel cosy and go back to sleep again. I was running late -  but then that young woman just reminded me how short  our time here in Earth is. So I smiled and joined him in bed, covering ourselves in the comforter and hugged each other as tight as we could. As I rested my cheeks on this head, I felt his hands, his breath his being, his warmth and tried to take it all in. The moment. His presence. Everything. Time stopped for a moment for me to take in the sweet sweet memory of hugging my son when he sleeps.

We are always trying to keep up with life and what it throws back to us. Not everyday is going to be like walk in a nice park, and not everyday is going to feel like trying to keep our head afloat in an ocean. One day -  and this day comes to everyone -  we are going to wake up to find that loved one gone and never to come back - and it will feel like a painful slap across the face every day single waking moment. When that day comes, we all will feel regret over the things we got angry of and wasted time over.

So when you know you are going to regret anyways -  why waste the time you have now? Make money and chase life when you want to -  its not going to go anywhere. Make time for your loved ones now. Spend quality time with them. When I hugged my boy in bed I knew we will make a nice pic -  but then I realized - no - there are some moments in life you need to not take a picture and this was that moment. 

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