Poolside thoughts of my son

Your world is beautiful.

When you swim in the glittering lights at the pool you look divine in the reflective lights.

As you swim you look for friends who would look at the world the way you look at it. You look for the special someone who you can play with. You yearn for some company your age,who would see you as you...a special boy.  You look at the other boys play. You look at them play catch in the pool. They are the ones you feel like playing with.

But they ignore. And you ignore that. You swim around them. You try to catch the ball they miss.
Kids are cruel. Siblings are cruel to single kids. You don't know that yet. You play around still. They make you swim around them. You don't mind. You have someone to interact with. Someone to make you feel like you belong. 

When I look at this in Swimming pools, birthday parties, play grounds, my heart breaks. Being around with a sibling is not that great a feat but I realize now that it makes a lot of difference. Maybe to the parent watching it.  You let boys manhandle you. You know how to defend yourself. But yet you let be roughed up. Because you want to belong. 

I feel for you.  

You will find someone special to share that beautiful world of yours my baby. It is true I didn't try hard enough. Or maybe I'm only meant to have one special child. Just like a banana tree. But I pray and wish and bless you that you will find your Best Friend soon enough. You will share your likes and dislikes. You will learn about friendship, life, love all through it. You may find more than one Friend. It could be a girl or a boy.
But you will find that Friend. 

I know you will.  
Love you always my baby.

My one and only special child. 


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