Grey cells getting greyer

I love to learn new things. I love to read and I love to learn. But because I am programmed in such a way that nothing is retained in me unless I am working on whatever I learn - I don't stay "learnt'. For example  I would have learnt how to bake a cake. Once. But unless I bake the same cake every day -  I will not remember how to make a cake at all.

So consistency is the key here. Hence -  I also know that whatever I learnt in academic life has poofed up over the years. So though the last time I went academic was four years ago when doing my degree, I take time to sometimes learn something new. Like programming.

Ever since the inception of Internet and YouTube, learning something new is within the fingertips now. I don't have to spend money to go to places to learn new stuffs. I learn it all from the comfort of my home in my pyjamas.

As such I took an online course to understand and learn a new programming language since it was free. I slept within minutes.

I thought I was tired. So I freshened up and tried again. Then I found myself thinking about something else not related with the course. I stopped the video and tried again hours later. I slept again.

This not only happened this one course, but to all courses that had people talking in it. If it was a movie or a drama, my eyes are wide open. But if it was a lesson and one on one talking - I'm in Lala Land. I just get so drowsy and doze off. So I assume I'm maybe not going to be good in IT (which is ironic as I am currently in that industry). So I tried my hand in psychology ( they have free courses) -  slept. I tried learning some advance Excel -  slept.I tried automation testing -  stopped it halfway and never went back to it again.

Its like -  my brain shuts down when I learn something new. This never happened before. I was doing well when I did my degree. I was focused in class, did my researches, checked videos for similar topics and all. Never slept halfway - got tired, but never slept during a lecture. 

So now in office I get huge chunks of non work time. In that time, instead of reading about the current political turmoil and getting myself depressed, I thought of learning VB -  another basic programming lingo. I need to learn something technical anyways if I were to move on in my career successfully. The whole basic video is 8 hours long. And I only completed 20% of the video in 2 days. I take breaks within the breaks. I go back to the video again and again if I am not getting it and I have no idea why I'm not getting it.

I guess my grey cells are turning grey. I tell you - I thought getting pregnant after 40 is harder, but learning ability diminishes slowly and steadily as you grow older as well. I wonder - except for wine, what else gets better as we age. I need to look into that. So till then -  I have to pull my tight jeggings up and focus and try again.

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