Post Birthday, Pre trip post

Its been a week since my birthday and I forgot to update how it went. I bought Sephora products (just a lipstick and eyeliner) under $50 and had dinner at Paul with TA and RA.
But the highlight of the birthday was the celebration I had with my colleagues the following day. We all went to Prata wala and had fun eating and catching up.

They bought me a bracelet from Pandora and I really loved it.
They made my day!
Anyway TA and I are going through some work hellhole at the moment. Well its just TA, but I feel for him. Once the details are in, I will share it here. For the moment, we need all the prayers we can and hopefully the mess we have found ourselves in will clear soon. Inshallah.

Anyway -  Ajmer trip will take off in a couple of hours I hope. 90% packed, just pending TA and some small stuffs such as phones and chargers and then we are off. The flight is at 0235hrs in the morning - but 6 hour flight. Hence I am thinking I can sleep throughout the journey. Mum brought her stuffs in last night and left. Then a few hours back, she came back today. Plan was to leave from home together without stopping at her place to pick her up.

I am nervous. Very very nervous. I planned this trip 5 months ago and booked the tickets 4 months back. Delhi and I  -  we don't get along. Its just for my mum. If not for her -  I would have went somewhere else in India ( where I don't know) but definitely not there. Lets hope the jinx of 2015 does not come after me again. I m just worried TA will have to fly off without completing the North India trip again. Maybe the fear itself will lead me to it I'm afraid.

Hopefully I will be able to update the details of the trip in Instagram, or in here. Ciao.

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