My Birthday 2017

I ran out of topics to blog about for the month of February. I was not busy. Actually I was, but not that busy enough to not blog.

This is March. I love March and I hate March. Love it because it is my birthday month. Hate it because it has got 31 days and pay day comes a little late and I am usually broke before the end of it.
I have no idea what the big deal of having a birthday is. When I was young, yes it was a big deal or my family made a big deal out of it. Now that I am older, it’s a reminder that I am biologically getting older, my cells are tired and may not be reproducing enough stuffs to keep me alive and more closer to countless doctor’s appointment dates for pains all over the body. Yikes.

Also - I have realized, I don’t celebrate anything much anymore. The last thing I celebrated was Eid - like three years ago. The cleanup was enough to bar me from having any more entertainments at home. Even my kid has asked when we were going to have people home again. Being the only person who organizes everything from the preparation to the cleanup - it’s tiring for me to think about celebrating. I didn’t celebrate the New Year, Hubby’s birthday and my son’s birthday this year. All we did is have dinner outside and stay home to cut cake and sleep.

 And my birthday is tomorrow and I want nothing more than to go home and sleep after watching Netflix. I really do. I think the reason why dining out is no longer fun because we are dining out more often.

And we are dining more often because I am too tired to cook after work and picking kid from school.
Having a celebration with people at home means extra money and extra work. I would rather just go out have the dinner and back home to rest. I need the rest.  Even now as I type this, I contemplate taking on a new celebration to be celebrated with people at home -  but nah!  I can’t be bothered.
So now back to my birthday. I love celebrating birthday and I love getting gifts and flowers and expensive bags. I like that a lot. I am a real frilly girl in that manner I’m afraid. I would love to be pampered with gifts like Anastasia was in the Grey series. Too much to ask?  May be it is. Anyway check out how my birthdays have been in the last few years:

Mar 2016 -  Jobless. Parents in law were in town. Lunch with mum and then Dinner with them at a fancy restaurant.

Mar 2015 -  Had to ask hubby to surprise me with cake. Mum bought me 2 new re Murano charms. Bought her lunch and money plants for home. Hubby gave me cash and bought me makeup. (

Mar 2014 – Lunch at Moroccan restaurant with hubby and kid. Blew a candle on a piece of rainbow cake. Did nothing much but lament and complain.

Mar 2013 -  Birthday retreat at a hotel. Was studying for my degree and remembered working on assignments in the hotel room. My class mates came to the hotel to celebrate it with me. Hotel gave me surprise cake. Veeren was born

Mar 2012 -  Hubby bought jewelery set and matching purse from Chomel and dinner in Swensons. Normal day sounded happy. Wished for macbook air, iphone, Pandora charms and a baby girl.

Mar 2011 – Hubby forgot. No gifts nothing. Complained that it was the worst birthday ever. But then that was the deal breaking year too…so this is excused

Mar 2010  - Brother in law was in town. Hubby and him surprised me with a Nutella cake in the middle of the night. Lunch at Amara and got some beautiful bouquet too. Things were simpler, talked about achievements ( nothing much).

Mar 2009 -  No information on this sadly. Must have been a real boring one for me to forget it. But it seems I celebrated Raihaan’s first birthday during this time.  In laws were in town.

Mar 2008 -  Again no information. This was because Raihaan was just born. But I do remember Thameem bought flowers and a new photo printer ( I requested).

Mar 2007 -  No information from this blog. But from my diary -  it seem hubby was not in town. I received midnight calls from sis and hubby and messages.

Anything before that -  I really cannot remember.

Yes, I love gifts, materials and all. But I am always grateful. Grateful to be alive and with the family I love.  Thought I have lamented, complained, whined and got depressed about having another child -  I think this has went for a long time now.

First half of my adult life, I was lamenting about the lack of love and the 2nd half about having children. I was lucky to have Raihaan born immediately after seeking treatment. So instead of thinking about a child that was never going to come, I would rather say goodbye to them.

Birthday wish -  To be with my lovely son, wonderful hubby and beautiful mother and family. I don’t want anything to change. I love the way my life turned out and am grateful so. Happy Birthday to me.

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