Mind voice and me

It was a funny morning today.

I woke up without the radar alarm noise from my iPhone.Only to realize I woke up 30 minutes late because the alarm was going off in the Study room -  totally different location.

Then as my son and I stepped out of our unkempt HDB flat to rush him to school -  I noticed my battery level was at a meager 1% .

Mind Voice:
"Oh no -  only 1%. I left the power bank with my mum when she was at the hospital. How will I survive the next hour or so till I reach office?"

I was supposed to get some snacks for the kid for his trip to Gardens by the Bay today. So -  off we were to SS and I had to check my bank balance (because I have deductions towards the end of the month, my savings has a habit of disappearing).

Mind Voice:
Darn, only 1% left. I cannot check the bank balance now! We shall have to use cash then.

We hailed a cab from home to his school so that he will be on time. And the kid has a habit of asking the time every five minutes.

Mind Voice:
Darn! I can't use the phone. Need to move my sleeve up a bit and check the manual watch on my left wrist.

Had a bag on each hand and it was not easy to move the darn sleeve.

After dropping the kid off, I still had like 40 mins left to catch the train. No point coming into office way too early when I have no access card to enter the office without the actual workers. So I thought of having a coffee in SB. Gave the good looking guy behind the SB counter my order and then whipped out my phone to get the charge deducted via the app in ithe phone

Mind Voice:
Ayyoo! Only 1 %! Wait! How long has it been showing 1%? Will it last till I make the payment? Or do I have to look for the actual physical card in my wallet that's deep inside the expensive LongChamp bag ( given to me by Fathima) Oh thank God -  managed to get it deducted via the phone!

Had the coffee.

Mind Voice:
You better go to the physical ATM and check your bank balance.
Also - no point getting the bus card topped up via the phone - do it physically as well. Yes that means queing up! Shucks!

Off on the train -  to work.

Mind voice:
Dammit! The phone will go into coma any moment now. Why the hell didn't I charge it? Wait - why didnt i remember to pick my power bank from mum? This is exactly the reason why I bought it! Urggh!  How the hell am I going to spend the ride to work in distraction? 

In the train -  trying to decipher the new novel i got

Mind voice:
I wish I had the phone was on a minimal power now. I could have checked out NetFlix instead of going through  this hard to understand book!

Finally I reached the office.

Mind voice:
I am fucked. I am so depended on a smart phone.

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