Inconvenience Managed

I cannot remember when it all started. Its been quite some time already. I think somewhere last year. One by one, they all started going down. First it was the water heater in the master bedroom toilet. It was slowly giving issues and then one day it refuses to give out hot water. Then my chapati maker refused to heat up after working hard for me for 6 years. The electronic items are not doing what they are supposed to be doing and the best part-   we are not replacing them. Why? I actually don't know. We have been talking about replacing the items,. but we hardly are doing anything about it.

Issue: Water heater (11 y/o) not working in bathroom
Solution: Shower in cold water / Shower in the kitchen toilet.

Issue: The towel rack (11 y/o) in the bathroom came off
Solution: Don't place towel in the toilet then.

Issue: Chapati maker (6 y/o)not working
Solution: Make chapati the old fashioned way

Issue: Microware (7mth old) -  suddenly stops heating but still works with the light
Solution: Heat up the old fashioned way

Issue: Air con (9 y/o)is not cooling and it stops at times. One AC unit halts and the rest of the units halts too.
Solution: Use the standing fan for all the room, leave windows and doors in bedrooms open for ventilation.

Issue: Washing machine (11 y/o)has no top cover and the sensor is not working ( 5 years now)
Solution: As long as its still doing what its supposed to -  let it be.

But the breakdowns we did handle immediately:

Issue: Dryer suddenly not tumbling or heating
Solution: Call the Bosch service man. It was fixed within days.

Issue: Fridge (7y/o) refuses to cool. My fault -  never have defrosted that thing.
Solution: Actually I did think of not calling anyone and let it be. I thought of how to live without a fridge for a while. Though its doable, we decided to call the repair guy. Hes coming down tomorrow. We have been without a working fridge for the third day today.

As I list down the items that I have not fixed over the year -  I realized that my household items have been around for quite some time already. Some are older than my kid, and some around the same age and younger.  They are quite an achievement compared to the kind of electronic items they are coming up in the market now where I heard they are set up to become obsolete within x amount of time. Conspiracy theory it may be, it is true. We are replacing items in our house at an alarming rate.

There used to be a time where a fridge use  to last for around 15 years.

But I guess we are lazy. I mean, I used to make chapati manually without the need of a chapati maker for some time before I bought it. It was the convenience. It now takes extra effort to actually roll it and cook it alternatively. But it didn't cross my mind to actually go out and buy it again.

If my life goes on without interruption even when the household electronics  fail -  then I don't see the reason to get it replaced. I am missing out the convenience  -  but I am getting the things done.

Hence with the is going on without the fridge. Over the time the fridge was not just storing my perishables, it was also storing the leftovers, sauce bottles, snacks, masala powders so on and so forth that actually will be ok if they are left outside.

I have been cooking food with the ingredients I bought on the way home and cook in small amount so as to leave no leftovers.

Suddenly I find myself asking why the hell I bought a big fridge for. I do need fresh milk - no way I am going to shortchange my boy's health by buying UHT milk for him and we need to store it because its a hassle to go and shop after work. So fridge however is a must for now.

Likewise I am now thinking, what have we bought and stored at home items out of convenience, that could be done without them as well?

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