Fall off the wagon

How was my Ayurvedic dieting you might ask.Even if you don't feel like asking, I will tell you. I kind of dropped out of it. Not intentionally but it happened with the CNY holidays, dinners outside and stuffs like that.

I fall off the wagon and now its tough to get back on it.

The holidays came and disrupted my eating patterns. And I tell you, cooking healthy and staying healthy is not working if I stay at home. At least at office I have the discipline to select the food that will go in my mouth, but at home -  every snack seems to be in my mouth.

I am taking the steps again to bring my weight issues back into focus. With life on its process, weight loss is not going to happen in 2 scenes like in the movies. It will take time and I acknowledge that. But the information out there about food -  what should be avoided and what is not -  needs to be streamlined. Can't blame it on food alone.

I am noticing the side effects of gaining weight on my knees. This is what they meant by knee pain and this is terrible, I am not that bad, but its not good as well. So weight loss attempt thwarted, but will jump start it again this week. I have a birthday treat coming up this week along with the trip planned to Delhi ( did i mentioned this anywhere?) So eating healthy will start and remain, but lifestyle choices have to be made. Due to weather, I have stopped walking -  need to kick start. I have npot done yoga and swimming and intensive house cleaning because I have simply grown lazy. Need to work on that -  I know. I will definitely work on it. I am a human after all -  not Chiyan Vikram!

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