Explaining something I can't explain

I just recently read an article about a guy who preached in Malaysia about transgender people saying that they need lots of guidance, prayers and treatment because its an illness and its devilish or something along that nature.

LGBT -  is the initials that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. This is often used to represent the people that fall in this category.

First of all -  I have no knowledge about them. I don't know anything about them. I of course have been aware that they are around and all and I have seen them during my trip to Bangkok and dinners in Changi Village. But upfront - I do not know anyone who is. So my knowledge of them is very very limited.

Secondly -  Islam has a harsh view on this subject. I know because most of the Muslims I know will immediately say a short verse from Quran as if mentioning their name has dirtied them and they must say a dua to purify them in the eyes of God. I am not joking. They are that serious. As for me -  actually I don't know. I don't judge people I don't have any knowledge of.

I don't know if this is genetics issue or issue with individual preference. But this is an upcoming thing. This community of people are often punished and killed in the most violent way possible. They are forced into becoming something they feel they are not. They are not safe. They are in hiding. They are not alone, they are there in millions. Living amongst us, pretending to be normal, pretending to be one of us so that they are not ostracized from their community and society. Why are they being felt that way? I know in India, they are tortured and victimized as in many parts of the world. We can take America away from the equation, because that is where all the loonies are. But anywhere else, we have to think.

I cannot explain to a nine year old the concept of how a boy might feel like a girl and think hes a girl. Or how a boy can marry a boy. Because honestly I don't know how that works in reality. And I don't know how to explain to him as well. We are evolving -  the society is evolving. These issues are in every shows and movies. "How to Get Away with Murder", has two gay characters. 'House of Cards '  Season 2 had 2 lesbian characters. Now Disney is bringing this into their movies. Is this good or bad? Actually, rather than good or bad -  I would admit and say I really don't know.

Previously families would have a list of criteria when looking for spouses for their kids -  well in Indian families -  they still do. I used to tell hubby that my future daughter in law should be from Indian descent and Muslim and blah and blah. But hubby used to shut me down by saying -  " Well you better be grateful if he comes home with a girl instead of a boy. We are living in that age now".

And then suddenly, to me any girl he brings home....is ok now.

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