Aging parents

Do not be alarmed by the cat that looks almost like my cat but its not my cat on my page. I am trying out new templates on my website hence changes are expected here and there. I do not like to sit with one look for more than a year. As it is I have lost count how many times I have changed my template. Still experimenting though. I kinda like this template. 

Work has been ok -  by which it means my heart rate continues to be in resting phase. So far so good.  

At the time of writing this, my sweet mother has ended up in hospital for her acute UTI. Since I am working, I m not able to be with her, but surprisingly though, my dad is. Hes been visiting her since the day after shes been admitted, which was on Sunday wee hours in the morning. That is extremely unusual of him and totally weird as well. Dad is also not well. Hes gone weak, tired, partially blind and though my mind sees him as the good old strong Dad that I have no emotions for -  my eyes registered a sick, old,withering man. It was shocking to see him weak. 

Currently Dad is on medical leave for two months for dislocating his shoulder ( this happened when we were away) and he does not like this. He believes that being at home, deteriorates his health at a faster rate. 

Hubby and I have entered a new phase. The phase where our parents are almost reaching to their end of their journeys amidst trips to the doctors and hospitals. We keep thinking that they will be there till the end of OUR time, not theirs. We expect to find them when we need them. We expect them to be there when we call home. We expect them to be at their place when we visit them with their grandchildren.  I think they expect a lot more from their children, of which I will know more of when I hit that phase. 

I feel sad that they are growing older, feeble and sick. And I feel pained at the thought that my time is not so far away. Putting all this shadowy negative thoughts aside, this is life isn't it? We need to check out when its time to check out. We can't be living in this hotel called Life for long. Truth that may be, but the thought of never seeing my mother, never hearing her talk, or eating her dishes, or arguing with her or at her home in West Coast - brings about endless despair and darkness in me. Let us not think about it shall we? We shall cross the bridge when it comes to it. 

Here's to me hoping a long healthy life to my parents and to my in laws.

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