Welcome to 2017 - stay positive

So the new year has started and this year I made it a point not to read any news because I refuse to let tragic news ruin my new year. I haven’t read proper news in weeks - ever since the US elections. If the end is coming and you know it, why bother to read up and analyze on it? Might as well stay ignorant.

We had a very peaceful, stay in holiday. I was at home for 4 days and I enjoyed every bit of it being at home with my boys. All we did is eat, sleep, watch TV and repeat. The last few days - I made preparations for the kid’s back to school stuff. The uniform, books, new shoes - all items settled. Stationary and items - re use the old stuff again.

So what’s new? I have no new promises to keep this year - but I will like to ensure the following is done for the year:

  •          Say positive stuffs to kid
  •          Encourage kid in his works and endeavors.
  •          Think before I talk to husband
  •          Write down 5 things to be grateful every night
  •          Stay positive
  •          Walk a lot
  •          Pray
  •          Meditate in the morning
  •          Call mum every day and talk
  •          Don’t dwell in the past

I have been doing a few of the stuffs the second half of the year, but need to incorporate more.

I think everyone loves a new beginning. It’s a chance to start fresh - throw away the bad news and negativity of the past and look forward to new things in the future. If you ask me, what’s so great about the new year? It’s the same old 12 months with the same old 30 to 31 days. But I guess we are given the same old months and days to make new differences rather than live it the same way over and over again. I am not a creative person to come up with new stuffs daily – but I do love to have a change in my mundane routine. Let me think and come up with some ideas.

Happy New Year to all – and hopefully you have made some positive changes to your life.

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