Update on "Life Without"

Two years ago, I wrote about giving up some habits after reading a blogger’s advise. In it - I listed what I was planning to give up. Let’s say I have done some of those and today, let me update them. How much I have given up is indicated in percentage.

  • TV. That includes movies, rental DVDs and You Tube channels – 40%
  • Face book – 100%Internet and my laptop – It’s my rice bowl at the moment, so 0%
  • Sugar - no laddus ( my weakness) No sugar in my uppuma or puttu or anything. Not even brown sugar – 60%
  • No more snacks - pokki ( my fav), red bean pau, curry buns, chocolates, biscuits -  all out -  it’s an ongoing struggle – 40%
  • No deep frying of any food - Actually I hardly deep fry. But the only weakness I have is deep frying bitter gourd. So that should be out. – 90%
  • Rice that includes brown rice – 60%
  • Seafood -  I might die cos that's the only non veg I am consuming. – Sorry didn’t work on this.
  • Taking pics in my phone - There’s a reduction of say 10% so still a work in progress.
  • Online purchases with my credit card. Hubby's credit card - ok. – No cut back on this.
  • Not buying anything new except for food stuffs. -  no improvement in this. 
  • Order takeaways – no improvement. We are still ordering takeaways atleast once every month
  • Eating or drinking out with friends or hubby -  I am pretty sure this will be tough – No improvement in this as well. We are still eating out at least three  to four times a month
  • Buying new Lego for Raihaan - I do this on a monthly basis now. This should stop. – 90%. No more toys since mid-2016.
It took years for me to slowly change all these habits. I have not taken any alternate healthy versions of it yet - but when I do I will update. 

I have slowly reduced my coffee intake as well. I used to drink lots of it and two cups a day when I started work. But now, I drink herbal teas as alternative. It took some time to get used to the bland taste - but I am used to it now.

I have also started to go for longer walks during lunch time and on Saturdays when I send the kid to his martial arts class and I try to aim for 18000 steps a day. As I grow older, my lifestyle changes too. It is interesting is it not?

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