Should you forget your first love, or the 2nd love of your life?

No you should not. And why? I can list down.

First of all - no one should forget their first love. Cos that’s when the chemistry came into play in your brains and you temporarily forgot something called logic. Remember that funny happy stupid feelings you had? It might even come to you now since I asked you to remember….it’s the hormones at play.  It might not come ever again with another person. So don’t forget the first love.

Secondly -  there must be a reason why the first love did not end up being the only love of your life. Not many people have such good luck. As you age, you will realize that everything happened for a reason and maybe not being in that relationship was the best thing that ever happened to you. It may sound far fetched – but it’s true. Someone told me this when I hadn’t had the maturity to understand. And now – I totally get it. Your life could have become kaput if you ended up with the first love!!

Thirdly -  we all make mistakes, but we have to learn from them someday. First loves are the perfect opportunity to learn from the mistakes. You may have learnt something about the person and it didn’t work out. There you go.

All that said - at the same time, something you liked and loved about your first love – may not be present in your current love. You might miss it, you might yearn for it. But there was a reason your first love, remained the first love and you moved on with 2nd and third or maybe more. You might not remember the 3rd onwards, but you would definitely remember the first.

I have the misfortune of remembering every dudes I had crush with. I cannot remember every single detail of my life, but I remember the dudes. (Facepalm!). 

I remember the names and some details. I dated a lot, but ended up loving only one guy. And of course that didn’t work out but life didn’t end there.

It’s a nice thing to be called. Someone’s first love. You might not even know that you were someone’s first love. It’s a very special kind of thing. Someone thinking of you, or knowing your name the moment first love is mentioned. That belongs only to the bearer of first love. I don’t know if I ever happen to be anyone’s first love – but it will be nice if I ever was one. Maybe I was but no one told me. Like I said I don’t remember details.

So don’t forget first loves. They are your first one and you don’t forget your firsts ever.

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