No shopping for three months? Me?

I read an amazing article just now and I felt that I have to share it.
This woman, bought absolutely nothing for a year and managed to save twenty thousand pounds. I know it can be done, but I did not know it was possible for any person who is not poor. That lady is definitely not poor.

You can read all about her in this link, so that I can avoid typing it all over..

So I was left thinking, towards the end of the article, if I can come up with something like that as well. Of course the basic necessities have to be bought -  that can be budgeted. What about the rest like cosmetics, shoes, clothes, snacks, books and more clothes? I was discussing this with my colleague and she said it can be done, but not to the extend of one year. Maybe a month, or two she says.

These are my un necessary expenses:

  • Online shopping for useless stuffs
  • Monthly M&S trip
  • Books
  • Take outs
  • Junk food
  • Cab 
  • Shoes ( at least once every three months cos I snap out of them)
I cannot think of any other expenses that are not of the "need" type. I have listed down in my notebook, what I think the staple groceries needed for the home are and we can budget it to maybe thirty dollars weekly and stick to it.

I think I will have to start small first. I have some very big committed expenses coming up in March and so I cannot think of starting this project now. But what I think I can do is avoid buying anything for a month that is not needed. Well we are already in mid January -  so maybe I can find out what else is needed and what is not till the end of this month. When I have a clearer picture, I will start towards this project in the end of March.

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