Ayurvedic approach to weight loss

I am that type of personality -  who has tried every weight loss tip in the world -  written and verbal. Hence, its no surprise to me, that I decided to try the Ayurvedic approach this time. Actually, on a side note, all the weight loss tips and diets would have worked if I had stayed on it -  but then I didn't.

Anyways  - I thought of taking a new approach on this weight loss thingy -  because my Ob/Gyn has asked me to reduce 10kilos by my next appointment in March end. Which is doable, if I have that super human mindset - which I do not have. So how to lose 10 kilos in 3 months? I know how to put it on, but no matter what I do  -  they don't seem to be tipping the scales back. And no -  I am not interested in diet pills.

So -  I checked out the Ayurvedic approach. First -  I have to know what constituent I am made up of. Just like in Traditional Chinese Medicine, you need to know if you are the yin or yang type ( hot/cold). I took the quiz found online in this website and I have been labelled as Kapha - Pita. Meaning I am a combination of both the Water and Fire type. Apparently there are three types of constituents. The Vata ( wind), Pitta ( fire) and Kapha ( water). Once you know what your correct constituent is -  you can then go on to know more about that particular constituent, its pros and cons, its type, what should be done to increase or decrease it. Check out the website - its really good.

So now that my type has been identified ( by the online quiz - and its mostly true), I then checked to know how to decrease it.

You see -  its no good you have the majority constituents, In Ayurveda  -  all three must be well balanced. If you have too much Vata ( wind) -  then you must eat food or be in location that reduces it -  cos too much of Vata brings in about its own issues.

Hence -  the online quiz help me realize that my Kapha is on the higher side and I need to balance it out. So here are the stuffs I should avoid:

  • Foods that are sweet, sour, and/or salty.
  • Cooling foods, both energetically and in temperature.
  • Heavy and oily foods (e.g. cheese, pudding, nuts, cake).
  • Highly processed foods (e.g. canned or frozen foods, “TV” dinners or pastries).
  • Cold or carbonated drinks.
  • Overeating or eating heavy meals.
  • Eating fresh fruit or drinking fruit juice within ½ hour of any other food.
  • Red meat.
  • Foods or drinks that contain refined sugar or corn syrup.
  • Deep fried foods.
  • Alcohol, except for an occasional glass of dry red or white wine.
And this is what I should be doing:

  • An energetic routine. Avoid stagnation.
  • Stimulating your body and mind on a daily basis.
  • A 10–20 minute self-massage daily with ½ cup warm sesame oil before bathing
  • A vigorous exercise routine that includes jogging, hiking, biking, vigorous forms of yoga or martial arts, or other challenging forms of exercise, a minimum of five times per week.
  • Keeping warm and dry, no matter what the weather.
  • Lively and invigorating music, smells, experiences, and company.
The general advise is that I should take the quiz again some time later to see if the pre existing conditions have changed after taking upon this advise to change diet. And not only that -  since health and environment change regularly, they advise to take the quiz again.

I read this yesterday -  and the first thing I did after work was to go to Old Chang Kee and gorge on my favourite deep fried stuffs and then  made a promise to myself not to buy from there again for the next 3 months.

Today morning, I tasted the last of my favourite Farmer's roll from Delifrance and vowed not to touch that again for the next 3 months. As such, I did the same for my oats raisin cookies, walnuts and the yangon popcorn my colleague Mia bought to work. I have said goodbye to my favourite food today. Tomorrow is not a new day or anything -  but I will be working on avoiding all the foods I am advised to avoid and add in all the vegetables I am told to increase.

Let me see what I am made of.

The pic in this post is from the website: https://www.banyanbotanicals.com

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