Happy New Year 2017!

Out of the twelve months of 2016 I only posted actively during the first half. The second half was me working and I didn’t find any interesting topic to write about, and I didn’t quite find the time.

So all in all I wrote about 30plus articles for the year 2016.
As in all the other years before this, I do not have any special resolutions to keep up and follow. All I want and hope for the next 12 months is peace and prosperity and good health to everyone I know. That’s all.

This year I have lost employment and gained new employment. Met new people and love my place of work. My baby making project ceased after a misunderstanding with hubby. My in laws and brother in law came and left. My mother hurt her arm. Raihaan had to make new friends and accommodate to going to after school care ever since I started work. 

My husband has seen several ups and down in his workplace. My sister, well-  this year has not been good to her at all. Personal tragedy on her side this year has brought her tough time, but she inherited my mother’s strong will power to work against all these. She’s still struggling, but she’s a Malayalee -  we are way too strong for all these jujubee matters. I am pretty sure 2017 will be a better year for her.

So in summary we are ok. Things are still ok. We are still breathing. As long as we are still breathing and our heart is still beating -  we have hope. May Allah grant all blessings this coming year. We need all the help we can from the Almighty next year..oh yes we really do.

Till then, Happy New Year Guys.

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