Declutter - home first

As I grow older, either I am becoming more wiser for the better, or I losing patience and grace due to idiots around me. I have maybe said the same thing a couple of posts ago. Unfortunately as time passes by with more and more updated events and life, idiots and their lot do not change much. They are just that. Idiots who just remain idiots.

I hate reading news and its papers - but sometimes I get caught up with their creative headlines and I get swamped it to realize that I have been had.  
First of all - the daughter of a very famous President to be -  mentioned somewhere that the most important job any woman can have is being a mother. What is the big deal about that? And the people having issues with that comment happened to be feminists.  They said being a mother is not the only important job in the world – and there are other jobs as well. I am not disagreeing. You see? That’s what is missing. People who agree to disagree in a respectful manner. I have my views and you have yours. I don’t believe in your views, but that does not mean I badmouth it and write it off as such.
Whether being a mother is important as a job or not - my issue is with the women who bitch. Not happy - just stay quiet lah. If we as women don’t empower fellow ladies- who will help them come up? Trump? Please. We all have to move on from this judging and bitching to helping one another and come together as sisters to move up in life. Tsk tsk. We have a long way to go!

Secondly - some famous (and I admit my favorite) celebrity couple broke up and there have been a huge boo hoo over that. I am just confused. They are the most eligible people to break up. 1 - They are Americans and 2 - They are actors. What other cirtierias you need for breakups? So what is so surprising about that?

These are the next few couple I predict will break up soon
·         Beyonce and Jay Z
·         Will Smith and Jade
·         Kim K and her hubby ( don’t know that guy’s name)
·         I will come up with more -  can’t think of the names now.

Extending the world of entertainment post - I have another issue with it too. First of all - I understand that they have worked so hard to be recognized as actors and by volunteering to do so - they have thrusted their personal life to us mere mortals. Hence they have no personal life at all. I get that. But that doesn’t mean - we have to discuss about their lives over every social events.

As such, it’s difficult for me to get along with people who are obsessed with their Indian actor’s personal life..who slept with who and what the tabloids say about them. Never mind their outstanding performance for any particular movie - what they are going through in their personal life - becomes a topic during lunch time. What they do with their life, and who they get along with - it’s their personal life. I mean - why so much interest over them?  I don’t think I need to have my knowledge extended to that extend.  I was into all that when I was a teenager -  but not at all now. Signs of getting old.

And thirdly – I have decided to de clutter my house. It’s not bad currently - but its definitely on the path to be a junkyard. I realized that we have so many papers, books, stuffs, clothes all around, it’s just there being part of a furniture. I managed to organize the 2 huge file holders in the study room and I have like another 75% more papers to be filed away all chucked in various files and folders.

But I managed to sort out and box all of Raihaan’s toys. All of it. All in 4 separate boxes. Boxed and taped. They are to be donated - where I don’t know – but I have left the boxes in the balcony - which make it look like a mini warehouse.

I also cleared away Raihaan’s messy drawers and transformed it into a craft drawer using all the boxes I saved, Will take a pic of it someday and post it.
I will be doing the following soon:

·         Declutter, clear and box away all clothes, fabrics in my side of the wardrobe.
·         The same with hubby’s side.
·         Pass all the fabrics to H&M
·         Donate all raihaan’s baby clothes to another charity organization for young mothers.

·         Get rid and donate all unused accessories.

That’s just the bed room. I have another 2 more rooms in the house to declutter. I will have to donate or sell all my books - since I have no book shelves. And also since it’s the year end soon, I will have to put away Raihaan’s school books and see which can be donated. I already have cleared all his old clothes away. The books and files will be sorted out soon. Too many works - too little time.

I will come up with a more detailed post on how it’s coming up pretty soon.

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