Can't wait for the ice cream

It has been a very hectic and stressful couple of weeks for me as a Mother because I got hold of the news that my kid's exam this year has been given an earlier date. Instead of having the exams like on the 9th and 10th week of school like they used to do in P1, they have scheduled it like on 5th week of the 4th term. 

I got the exam notification, if I'm not wrong, somewhere during or before the Sept holiday and I have been stressed ever since.

During the holidays itself I was stressed over finding a after school care for the kid. His 10 week stay at my mum's place after school ever since I started work resulted in poor academic results, bad attitude and increase in body weight. He was simply getting fat and lazy. He flatly refused to study at his grandma's. I looked high and low for a after school care and managed to find one just days before his school started. I had no doubt he will be ok because he had spent 2 years in Little Skool House without any issue and I was sure he will adjust well in this after school care as well.

As the weeks progressed, I stopped cooking and cleaning, and only monitored his studies. I won't say I completely stopped cleaning -  it was a on going process. I hated the house to be cluttered, so I try to do something about it short term when I have the time. But cooking - I stopped. I simply don't have the time.

I rush to the after school care after work because they close at 7pm and also because my kid does not like to be the last person out. I will wait for a full 5 minutes for him to put on his socks and shoes before we walk to the nearest bus stop for the bus back home and engage in a full long discussion about Pokemons.

When I get home, i give him grace time to change into this home clothes and watch a bit of tv  -  like 30 mins or so. And in that 30 mins, i will try to order food, eat,clean a bit here and there, do the laundry, feed the kid his food and get settled down to teach.

Usually I will order dinner from Deliveroo and thankfully -  they are quick. The app is bloody easy as well. So I will have like an hour and a half before his sleeping time -  and I squeeze sample test papers and revisions and assessment books to gauge what he knows. By the time 9.30pm comes, both of us are tired. 

The week before,I took leave from work ( which resulted in a no pay for that day) on Children's day to coach him. The full day. In fact, I had 3.5 days to coach him. Friday and the weekend. All other activities such as swimming and taekwando -  all put to rest for two weeks. As the zero day approached, the number of papers he had to do and I had to assess increased. I even woke him up at 5am for him to complete one Math paper. I felt bad, but I had no other time to get him to complete. We were on the clock.

And it all comes to an end today. His last paper is today. And I am relaxed.  You may think that I have been harsh on a Primary 2 kid. I guess I have been. I am not a helicopter mum, or a tiger mum, or a typical mum or any stupid labels like that. My intention is not for him to score highest in his class or get the Best Student of the year award. All i want to know is that I tried my level best to revise with him what he already knows and that he did his best as well.  

My son knows that I am not going to be mad or angry at him over his results. As far as  I am concerned, he revised, he studied and he knows his tables. That's all. My son is not a prodigy or a genius for me to showcase his academic achievements or talents. Hes our only son - so whatever he does is an achievement for us hence no stress for him.

Now, we are going to relax a little. He will still have to do his revision  - one paper daily. His activities will resume. He will still get his mobile phone on Sundays, no earlier and he still gets to check out videos in the family pc. Cooking and cleaning will resume now. First things first, when I pick him up today we will get ice cream for both our efforts. 

Cant wait for the ice cream!

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