Floating along the waves of life

The past few weeks have been pretty normal hence the lack of post from my side. Apart from few new changes, I had nothing to post.

I am currently floating along the waves of life at the moment, holding on to nothing, no control or whatsoever. I move along with the change. Ever since I started working, the only silent screaming issue I had was my son. I was particularly worried about his studies. I mean, hes in P2, I should be there guiding him in his revisions and give him mock test after mock test and all. I should be there with him with the rotan on one hand, and the red pen on the other telling him where he went wrong and chiding him at the same time. But I am not.

By the time I come back home, I am exhausted. When I m dong with dinner, its time for his bedtime and the next day continues with the same old routine. Nothing seems to get done. When Mum broke her arm -  the first few weeks of work was a rush. Work, go to Mum’s, help her cook and clean, take the cab back home and sleep. And then gradually, thanks to God, cooking and cleaning for mum reduced, after she slowly regained her use of her right arm. But then still, I had to rush back to west coast to pick kid up. Somehow picking kid up all the way up from my mum’s flat and then going all the way back home exhausts me terribly.

And living without a car after being with it for 3 months  -  I find it hard to get back to normal everyday boring life. It just sapped the life out of me. Ok, I am over reacting. But I did find it hard.
Anyway now – I have enrolled kid in a after school student care center. The teachers there pick the kids up from the school walk them to the center (which is a mere 3-4 mins walk - no road to cross, under a shelter). After change of clothes, and lunch, the kids are to do their homework, and assessment books given to them to be done in the center itself. After that tea time and play time. And then he’s picked up. He’s been going there for the past 2 weeks now - and for now – he’s good. I am still monitoring his studies.

Since its only week 3 of the after school – I am keeping my expectations really low. I don’t have any other alternate place to send him so hopefully he’s happy there.

I am still tired after picking kid up, but I have time to cook some simple food. I am still learning how to cook and clean without stressing myself out. If I have learnt how, I will update as and when I can. 

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