Use your brains for once

During the month long fast in the month of Ramadan, there has been couple of reports of escalated terrorist attacks on Muslims and Non Muslims alike. Many Muslims cringe with shame when brothers of the same faith are found guilty of such terrorist acts. Most of the time, some Muslim high authority of some country will send out reports saying that they have nothing to do with this..blah and blah.

But trust me -  whenever an attack takes place in any part of the world -   majority of innocent Muslims fear and pray  and hope its not carried out by Muslims. And the last major straw came when suicide attacks took place in the holy mosque in Medina just a few days back. What the hell? Bomb goes off when people are shopping for Eid. Bomb goes off when people are in the middle of the prayers. Bomb goes off when people are completing their fasts. Even an enemy knows not to attack during the fasting month.

I am not going to be defending about Islam in this post. As mentioned in several of my rants -  religions -  be it Hinduism, Christianity or Buddhism -  they don't need people to defend it. If its God's will, it will defend on its own.

If a person hearing such news believes everything they hear on the media -  then not even God can help them. We have been given brain and mind to use the things we hear and compare it against what we know. If the media is telling me about a particular religion, I read about it. I learn about its history. I search for information. I don't just jump into conclusion.

I personally know some staunch Muslims -  who will not learn or take the initiate to know about other races, religion, culture and customs. Astaghfirullah azeem!! That's a sin to them! To them -  anyone who's not a Muslim - is a kaafir. My sister is one of them. Islam tells you to get educated. To be a person with knowledge. Learn as much as you can. Not just learn all the stuffs about your own religion and then preach radically. Check out the bible, listen to some sermons, check out the Gita, see some dramas on it -  learn something. See if their books have the same underlying message as our own. What do you think will happen to you? You think God is personally checking and taking away your good points and that you will roast in hell? Please -  change your mindset.

You see -  all this  -  I am pretty sure - is a big conspiracy by someone to malign the religion. You may ask why anyone would do this. I am not sure why. Maybe this has been going on for longer than we know. Maybe this has been an ongoing feud by some Muslim and Christian warlord during the prophets time. Maybe they each vowed to erase each other's religion. I don't know what drama went between them and I don't care.

But no one has the right to kill another human being. And you might find it funny -  but Islam preaches exactly that. Killing one person -  good or bad -  is equivalent to killing an entire human race. Its a big big sin. If that is the base for Islam, how can these mindless killings be called jihad? This talk of killing is not only coming from the so called Muslims, its coming from supposedly neutral and tame Buddhists as well. That itself is a comedy. Think monks with rifles.

What the hell is going on? Is anyone taking a pause from all this and understand why and what is going on?

I mean - we have African Americans gunned down by the white policemen in the US of A.  We are constantly fed misleading information about religion and violence by the media and social networks. Too much information overload is also happening. Yet what is being done?

We are addicted to the lives of ladies from one single family who have nothing to offer but  their lives, and naked bodies and ultra slim waists. And yet -  there are many many young women out there somewhere - kidnapped and sold into slavery and forced prostitution. What are we doing about it?

We are addicted to mindless TV, movies that are made and remade( think Spider man) -  and yet there are millions of children who do not have the opportunity to go to school. What are we doing about that?

All we are concerned is about us and us only. Am I being fed? Am I clothed? Do I have money to spend? Am I safe? Is my family safe? That's all we think about. And the reason we have become so muddled in the brain is because we watch too many TV. Un necessary shows.

Do you really need to know who becomes the next talent of Britain, USA and India? Can't you go and hone you own bloody talent? Or your child's for that matter? Do you really need to see reality shows? Why don't you tape yours and upload it in You Tube? You will at least earn some viewership. Do you really need to know the news on TV and from all your social network feeds? What are you going to do about it? All you can do is shake your head with a tut tut and move on to the next mindless post.

We are all being controlled by the media or something that prevents us from thinking and reaching our full potential.

For an example - look at the kids nowadays.All the kids and I mean ALL -  have handheld devices with them, and they are distracted, mind controlled by games that actually make no sense. When the device is taken away, they morph into angry chimps and we give it back to them thinking that we will be able to kick this habit away when they grow older. Uh -  no it will not. Your kid is addicted already and there's no way you can stop that habit. You have just meddled with their beautiful brains and maybe decreased their ability by a couple of percent.

There's more to life than all this mindless shits. When you are about to die somewhere in the near future - you are not going to be thinking and regretting about not being able to see all the reality shows and all the episodes in Games of Thrones.

You will regret that you did not use the god given time you had on things that would have brought more meaning to the world you and others share. You would then wish, on your deathbed - maybe on the road, or on a hospital bed, or on  your own bed -  that you had spent more time with your children, listened to their innocent chatters more, relish in their beautiful laughter more, love your spouse more, forgive them as much as possible, hug your parents often and met up with your siblings more often. What wouldn't you give to have just one more day to do all that? Think about it.

So yes -  in a summary -  shit happens. People will go on about killing in the name of religion. The same crap will go on and on. But we need to switch our channel from all these to something else that will bring in more sense.

First of all - think where they are getting the weapons from. Think where they are getting the money from. Think if the people doing the attacks are really Muslims. They can be anyone who looks brown for all you know. And you will understand this is a lot bigger than you and me. This is a big work in progress. Get yourself educated, ask for guidance from correct teachers to learn more about others. In turn educate your children , guide them to be tolerant of kids of other religion and race. Transfer your new knowledge to the next generation. Help to form a new generation of kids who are smart and wise.

Remember, they said there was WMD in Iraq -  nothing was found and yet people were killed in both sides -  innocent lives and brave soldiers.

Do something with your life, give hope to others, make someone smile.

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