Times are changing and people are mad

I had an amazing weekend people and how did it go for you all? Let’s cover what’s been on my mind lately.

I took part in the totally frenzic release of Rajnikanth’s latest movie Kabali. No, I am not going to write a review about it. There are plenty of people in this world – paid and unpaid who have done that and will continue to do so. I have been waiting for the release for about two to three weeks since I heard the official soundtrack and watched the teaser and we managed to get the tickets through my cousin. Poor her - waited near the system to wait for the theatre system to open the ticket booking and when it did -  she waited till the system that crashed within minutes to be fixed and then got the tickets. 

The day the movie was released ( which was on 22nd July, Friday) I downloaded the Kabali ringtone and set it as default. Just to be in fun.  Oh I loved the movie by the way.  There will always be people who have something negative to say about anything - so let’s not care about them. Please check out the movie once the hoo haa over it has calmed down and you are able to get tickets for it on a normal sane day and watch it in big screen. Don’t be a cheapo.

Secondly - did you know that Mr Trump accepted his party nomination to run as President for US? Well -  I don’t know if it’s a good news or bad. My hubby is a staunch supporter of Trump and he likes his business ideas , style and form. I liked him too until he said all Mexicans were convicts and rapists and then muslims will not be allowed in his country. And then a couple of words that came out from his mouth that does not make a future president look good.

His strategy is really good. I am impressed. You see, the mainstream media are also to blame on this. We all thought it was funny when he ran for the race along with so many others. But he persisted and stayed on till the Ted guy was out from the race. Any publicity is good publicity and he used it to his advantage.


He’s the male Kardashian - except that whatever that comes out from his mouth creates controversy not his body, clothes or the lack of it. He is creating controversy. The way he speaks - definitely not presidential – but if his style works then it does. Running a business and running a country is all the same. Negotiating where and when you should and making tough decisions and choices, facing criticisms and doing the things others would balk, being sly and intelligent makes a successful businessman. He’s made some bad choices in business, but who doesn’t right? But is that what makes him a wrong presidential choice?

I am not sure. I rarely poke my nose in my family politics, let alone a foreign power’s. But whatever happens in US - determines out fate for a very long time hence we need to at least know what’s going on. I don’t know who a republican is or a democrat is and I don’t want to know any. But I do know that right now, it’s a man versus a woman. And their views are totally opposite. One is of promise, warmth and a promise of a better future and the other is doom, anger and promise of more wars.
I saw him speak at rallies. He’s promoting violence. He’s promoting fear. He’s inciting religious fears amongst his people. Not only religion, he’s inciting racism as well. And he’s saying stuffs, not many people are brave enough to voice out. It’s like he’s the one guy who voices out stuffs against my ruling government and lives to brag about it.

 And to make matters worse - there are people who are happy about this. There are people who enjoy this and they really want him to lead them. They think he will bring back the good ol’ times when the whites used to lead and earn and I don’t know what crap these whites are thinking.  They think that when Mr Trump becomes the POTUS, they will work, or find works and no work will be outsourced.  It’s the sheep calling the wolf to lead them to some peaceful forest. All bloody white sheep.  

As far as I know – a company owner when he starts out can be a cool guy, or an eccentric guy or started the company in his mother’s garage or basement -  wherever he started it from -  when the company expands, the owner changes too. He becomes much more refined, - after all he gets to meet a lot of other diplomats around the world. You become a refined person. Yes - the frankness and upfront business works well informally as well. But you don’t portray that rugged, rough, extremely tough look when begging the people to be their leader.

You are begging you know? You are not asking. You are literally begging the people to choose you among so many others to give you a job and when you beg - you don’t threaten. You don’t brag and you definitely don’t piss people around you.

What is his solution for the immigrants entering US illegally? Put up a gate around the border.

What is solution for the rise of terrorism in his country? Ban all Muslims from terrorist linked 
country from entering. Seriously? Well actually it is a good one really. Only if this is spoken by a kid.

What is the solution for the Black Life matter issue? Have to ensure that Blue Lives matter.


Your country reports women raped in college campuses when drunk.
Your country reports shooting rampages in school by kids who have guns on a yearly basis.
Your country reports innocent black people killed by cops who can’t shoot, or have enough police training on a fucking weekly basis and you don’t even have a gun control law you asshole.

Many innocents are being killed all because you don’t have  gun control policy. How the hell was a guy with visible criminal record able to purchase guns and kill people in a night club all because he didn’t like LGBT people? You didn’t have an issue with the gun or his issue with violence, but because he had a muslim name, you blame it on the rise of islam terrorism. 

This is pure xenophobic man. Really.  All you ever drive is fear in people. And this is not what will make America great again man. America went out of greatness the moment it went bombing on places where there was no WMD but lied to its people that it did. 

So yes, I am afraid for the future when he becomes the next POTUS. It’s like Europe is going through some kind of sample with daily reports of terror strikes just to prove his point at the rallies. Why is the point being proven every week?

Times are changing and people are going mad. 

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