Short list of natural beauty hacks

I am pretty sure many of you tried some natural methods of beautifying yourself one way or another. Because I am a lazy person, I don’t do much work because it’s hard to really prepare natural ingredients and then masking it till the next day or even for 30 mins. But I have been following some beauty hacks – and let me share the ones I have tried and tested.

Hair care:
1. Coconut Oil with curry leaves.
This one was mentioned in a lot of videos and posts in Instagram. Heat coconut oil  till it not – then throw in curry leaves and stir fry.

The idea is for the curry leaves to give out its good stuffs in it. Don’t take the leaves out yet. Once the fizzles stop and nothing happens anymore -  stop heating the oil. Leave the oil in the pan for a while and then strain it. You can use the fried leaves to eat – they are good for the health anyways.

My tenant told me to leave the oil with the curry leaves for a day or so till the oil has really soaked up the curry leave’s goodness. Store it in a clean jar and use it as and when you want. I used it to stop hair loss. When I tried it at first -  hair loss was arrested for a while. But now that my hair is longer -  and due to seasons, hair fall is  back but not as much as it used to be.

2. Aloe Vera
Scoop out the jelly of one small aloe vera ( I bought a huge one -  so I took a small piece) -  blend it in a blender or mixer till frothy. Then apply it all over the hair. Tie the hair in braids and leave it overnight. Ensure y ou have a towel over your pillow.

Apparently it has the following properties:
Promotes hair growth
Hydrates and conditions your hair
Reduces dandruff
Maintain healthy scalp
Makes your hair super soft, shiny and healthy

 I tried this only once two nights ago - and it did make my hair soft. But because I sleep under the AC at night and aloe is cooling – I kinda nearly had a wheezing issue. If you can – apply it at night. Or -  apply it day time and walk around in shower cap for the day at home.

3. Fenugreek paste

Take a table spoon of fenugreek seeds and soak it in water till the next day. Then use blender and grind it with little water till it froths and becomes a paste. Keep that thing and apply it all over hair and scalp. Cover with shower  cap for about 30 mins. Do this for 30 days.
Now I cannot remember the reasons why I did this, but if I am not wrong it promotes hair growth. I did this for 30 days as well and yes hair did grow fast. Not long – but fast mind you.


Usually I am more open to experiment with the face, because its less messy, not much of a wash up. I usually do this just before bed time so that I can wash my face and then sleep or wake up from overnight sleep and then wash.

1. Aloe
Take a small piece of aloe -  slit open so that the jelly touches the face. Apply it all over your clean face. If face not clean – please wash it.

This helps with the acne because of its inflammatory properties
Fights aging with beta carotene, vitamin c and e
Keep skin firm and hydrated

2. Chickpea flour
I have been using this when I was finishing secondary school. It works

1 tbsp chickpea flour
¼ tsp turmeric powder
¼ tsp almond oil
2 tbsp yoghurt(thick one)

Mix the above and apply to face for 30 mins three times a week. Wash it off with warm water and then moisturize face. I am not sure why it works, but it reduces the big acne and pimples I usually have. I found that I have ample paste even after applying generous amount of it on my face - so I keep it in the fridge and apply it alternate days. Or most of the time, I limit the amount of ingredients.

I usually don’t apply anything that has egg on my face because I am allergic to it.

I know the above list is small and but I have tried these and it works. I have a few more new hacks to try and experiment. Once they are successful, I will update. Anyway three of the hacks are from Instagram user Ms Farah Dhukai(@farahdhukai). I got this from her post - so please check her out for more. The rest were from videos I can’t remember.

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