Not again.

Post written on: 15th of July ( just after work)
Date published ; 17th of July ( cos thats when I had the time to publish)

The past week - just before I entered the workforce to dedicate my time full time to some other business owners for their own profit ( and of course for my own pay!), I found out that I can schedule my posts in advance. Hence I scheduled a few posts way in advance.

That’s why – today (15th of July) - I am shocked that my last post – “Use your brains for once” resonated so well today. If you have been checking the news out - someone with a big truck sort of crashed through a national day party and killed lots of people including children. Again the first thing that came up to my mind was - if it was a Muslim.

But then again - if it was a Muslim –we would have got the news within hours. But the thing is – no one knows what religion he practices. Only that the driver is a Franco-Tunisian. That’s it. But the act itself was of terrorist in nature hence the French President has vowed to step up efforts on war against the IS.

This time, it wasn’t a Muslim ( or so I hope for now), then why is he saying that?

Well I am not interested in politics and I sure do not want my feet dirty in that already dirty water called politics. So I will not say anything about it. I read the comments of some fools in twitter as well and I have no idea how to combat that sort of negativity. These people carry so much venom, so much hatred against the Muslim - I don’t know what will help them.

We are now living in a very strange world. Some businessman who hates Muslim and wants to build a wall to stop his neighbours from coming in will become a President soon. A guy who sports the same hairstyle and irresponsible attitude is set to become Britain’s foreign minister. Britain is formally out of EU ( I am not sure what happens because of that and I at the moment do not care).

I am sad and anguished that so much lives has been lost because of a demented person. Not only because of him, because of so many mentally sick people who deserve to be locked behind bars for eternity - are out there with license to carry guns and weapons and killing people on a daily basis.

 I am sick of it all. I am angry because so many children were killed. It could have been my son. It could be your babies. It could be. But this didn’t happen because of religion – this happened because of people. Only humans have the tendency to cause this much destruction - not religion.

My heart goes out to the parents who lost their little ones, the children who lost their parents and for families who lost their loved ones and friends. I cannot imagine the pain they are going through now. This is not the time nor the platform to compare the lives lost in the Middle east. No - we are better than that. You may not agree with me on that – but that’s ok. You have your own view - and me – mine.

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