How to be happy - the simple kind.

How to be happy? My very own guide. 
Warning: I may have mentioned these list somewhere and you may have read it.So you may end up re reading something. Sorry about that.

  1. Throw away your smart phone. Half your problems are settled
  2. Unsubscribe the news channels if you have
  3. Stop reading newspaper
  4. Cut friends who don’t buy you lunch/dinner, meet up with you within the year or make any effort to talk to you. You don’t need them in the first place.
  5. Learn the art of turning deaf when you hear negative stuffs.
  6. Adopt a cat or dog and play with it.
  7. Stop whatever you are doing and listen to your kid when he/she talks
  8. Spend time with little humans ( new born kids till 4 years old)
  9. Bring your mum/dad(whoever you love the most) -  for tea. Spend time with them.
  10. Have lots of sex with the person you are licensed to. Anyone other is not my problem.
  11. If Faith is your thing - then pray. Meditate and talk to the higher power in whichever way you choose. 
  12. Choose not to be distracted - which is point number 1 actually. 
  13. Read fiction or autobiography of really famous people you like
  14. Throw away unwanted stuffs from your house. I don’t know about you -  but I like the process of throwing things away. It makes me feel good. I feel as if all the negative unwanted unloved stuffs are purged from my house. 
  15. Listen to upbeat songs. Songs that empower you
  16. Plan for something and look forward to it. I would like to go to London within the next two years and will plan for it soon. And that itself makes me happy
  17. Walk and keep your body moving.
  18. Write down at least 3 positive or grateful things that happened in your day every day. Make it a habit. 
  19. Do you own stuffs. Focus on your work and life. Keep your mouth shut when you have nothing good to say.
  20. Don’t be the negative person people stay away from. Aim to be someone people think of fondly when you are no longer around.

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