Happy July

Its been a long while people! How have you been? I really hope things have been going on well for all for you.

I have been MIA for like 2 months in a row now and honestly you have missed nothing much.

  • My in laws left somewhere on the end of April
  • My mother left for her holiday the day after my in laws left.
  • Hubby's office got him a car on loan for like 3 months and we are enjoying it every moment of it.
  • My dad's cousins and their spouses from Kerala came over and we brought them around Singapore for like 4 days till they left.
  • Since Mum left her kittens with me when she left for her trip to Kerala, I somehow developed breathing and coughing issues. I somehow have not been to the doc -  so once the fasting season is over - I will get my self checked again. 
  • Fasting season as begun
  • June holidays came and left. We had fun bringing Raihaan out for all the places he asked for.
  • The 2nd week after the holidays-  fasting started.
  • Up to date -  Raihaan has taken 5 days of fast. All voluntary and none forced. Hes enjoying the moment
So the above are the updates from end April to end June. Like I said - nothing much to write about and frankly speaking, I dint think there was much of a topic for me to rant about.
I got myself a job and will be reporting to work the day after Raya. It was hard to get a job mind you. Really tough market out there and really hope things recover in time.

Will try to come up with more posts soon. I m planning to come up with one weekly post soon and lets see how it comes up.

Ciao Peeps and happy July to you all.

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