Fools and the misguided.

Do you know a majority of people in this earth roam about thinking that they will live forever. They drink and party like they will wake up tomorrow. They fuck and screw around thinking that tomorrow will reset the day. They go on about their normal life every tomorrow thinking that they will live forever. But its amazing isn't it? How God puts that information in our conscious mind? 

I mean we know there's a thing called Death and all -  and yet people go on about making mistakes after mistakes, fuck ups after fuck ups, without thinking about the implications, without thinking about the percussion of their decision that will affect the people around them, as well as the little people depending on them. I mean how selfish can they be? How could they not see the long term? Why are they this blind?

I had to sign some contracts on my new employment today and this is just after like almost 6 years of not working full time. And I was like thinking about how long I will work for? Will i be working here for a long time, or a short time? Then i was thinking of retirement. I mean there's no such thing as working forever. Sooner or later, my skin is going to be lax and hang off my bones, all my teeth will fall out, my bones will become brittle, my back will break, my hips be replaced, my eyesight and hearing almost gone and I will be the much hated but not spoken to old woman in family functions, It is my desire to grow old with my man -  but lets be realistic. Not all couple happen to live together forever and ever. So how will i retire? Will I be alone? Will I have a place to live? Will I be able to stay in touch with technology? Will I still be respected by my son? Will my son keep in touch with me or abandon me? And that's how I was lost in thoughts. 

So nothing lasts forever. Not work, Not marriages. Not love. Not even life. If things were meant to last -  it will be called God. 

So if nothing last forever -  why are then people so darn stupid and blur? Why are we so stupid as to live in this temporary mortal world and lament on things? Why do we hold on to possessions when we are not going to bring them with us when we die? Why are we fighting and and bickering about religion and race and other stuffs that looks major, but in fact - its nothing at all?

I am baffled by this. I really am. 

I am baffled by the sheer stupidity of people. People of god or so they call themselves. I mean -  people of god - or people who act as if they are true believers of God should behave as such inside and outside. 

You don't act as if you are the one true worshiper of God, but everything that comes out from your mouth is pure evil, rubbish and lies.Why lie?You think because you pray five times a day along with the compulsory and optional prayers -  God forgives all the venom you spew? Really? I know for a fact you are stupid, but not naive. You are anything but naive. Think about the fitna you are doing. You really think by justifying your actions comparing some one's past to yours - makes you a saint?

I mean -  how can they be this stupid? 

You know what bothers me most -  the people depending on them. I feel that the most unluckiest lot in the world are the children who have been forgotten by the so called true worshipers of God. Poor kids who have no voice to stand up for them. Dependent on parents who are only concerned about their lives and nothing else.One day they will grow up and that day  -  be so afraid of what they will spew to your face as well.

Did I judge these people? Maybe I shouldn't. But I can't help myself. 

I believe in God and I believe in Karma. I can't wait for the day - to personally see these people cry and weep for all their sins when they have no longer anyone to blame their misfortune for. 

I have made mistakes. I have personally regretted them and the aftermath of it. But they are my mistakes. Every single decisions are mine and mine only. No one takes them for me. And I usually take responsibility for it. I don't blame my mother, my father,my husband, my child, my cats, my friends, relatives, colleagues, my next door neighbor, my school teacher from primary school, or all the previous boyfriends I dated. They are my problem.

The day they take responsibility for the pathetic decisions they have taken - things will work out for them. May Allah guides the fools and misguided. Ameen.

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