First week of work

After a very long break -  I have started to work full time. Yep. Eight and a half hours of work per day - every day for the next five days a week. As sick as it sounded to me a while back -  I am getting used to it. I will not be in it for long - I have some personal stuffs to clear - and when its clear -  I will get back to doing what I love. Which is nothing basically.

Its usually the first few days of work that's odd and awkward. After that -  we'd get used to the environment and things should be OK. Due to some disclaimer notice I signed -  I am not allowed to indulge where I work for a living, but I am a software tester and I test online applications. That's the gist of it and trust me - that's all I know for the time being as well. I sort of landed during their busy work and I'm left alone most of the time. So maybe in a week's time I will get to know what I am employed for.

So for people who are entering the workforce after a long gap -  let me remind you some stuffs.

  1. Smile. Don't be aloof. You might come out as being arrogant.
  2. Bring your own water bottle. Your new office pantry may not have it.
  3. Ensure you are comfortable going off on your own because your new colleagues may not invite you for lunch. If they invite you, don't decline the opportunity to get to know people.
  4. You will be asked to intro yourself. Start out with your name, brief description about yourself and your previous work experience. If possible, drop a joke  -  something subtle, yet well time for a good humorous effect. If you don't think you can do that - stick to into and short description. We don't need to know your entire resume and life history.
  5. If you have not been given work to do -  like I have- ask for reading material  - such as their company handbook, or work processes or something for you to be familiarize with the process.
  6. If you know the work area well - and your ex colleagues were there -  meet them up for lunch or something.
  7. If your workplace is like a country out of country like mine -  then you should learn to venture out and explore the place.
  8. Check out the local food, and see what they have to offer.
  9. Talk to your new colleagues in days to come and throw some personal bits here and there.
  10. Share food/snacks. Get closer. Only food -  whatever you share apart from food -  is somehow not my problem and I don't want to know.

Because I am still getting used to working full time -  I am trying to figure out how to maintain sanity while balancing work, hubby and kid. At the moment, kid bunks at my mum's till hubby picks him up. We then have dinner sponsored by mom. And come morning, we have some brekkie at home and I prepare lunch to have it at work. We are trying to eat as fresh as possible and from home.  Saturday was spent sleeping in and Sunday was spent on clearing the stuffs at home.

Once I find the appropriate balance, I will post out the details soon enough. Till them, take care, people and ciao.

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