What to do when you are bored

So you are bored. What can you do?? Well it depends on what you really like, your mood and your interest and of course additional factors such as money plays a part as well.
Check out the list of what you can do when you think you are bored.

Indoors ( which means you have no money)

Sitting Down
  • Watch re runs of Friends ( they have it Warner Channel I think).
  • Watch re runs of The Big Bang Theory - also the same channel.
  • Go through all the recorded stuffs in your cable box if you have some and complete it. Then Delete.
  • Surf the internet -  mindlessly (read useless blogs like this)
  • Check your Facebook and waste more time
  • Check Twitter for news that you really don't need to know
  • Check Snapchat and find out what your contacts are doing
  • Read mashables in your mobile app to find out other useless headlines for the day
  • check Instagram for videos of contouring your face
  • Pick up your pen for the first time and write a letter to someone who'd you know will be utterly shocked on receiving your letter
  • WhatsApp your other working friends and see what they have been up to ( like checking their FB account has not given you enough facts)

By now - you will have massive headache and will have to move your ass somewhere.

Not sitting down

  • Give the damn pet a shower if you have
  • Sweep all the stuffs on your study table down in one move like in the movies
  • Go ahead and pick the stuffs you dropped and organise the table
  • Do the laundry
  • Change the sheets of your bed
  • Fumigate your fridge
  • Cook something
  • Go through the assessment books for the kids and come up with study plan for the week ( this can be done sitting down as well)
  • Go around the house and make mental notes on what needs to be thrown out of the house
  • Water the plants ( the real ones, not the plastic ones in your hall)
  • Dust out the Yoga CD and do some actual yoga positions and some serious stretching


No money
  • Go for a jog
  • Go for a long long walk -  remember to take your phone along just in case you collapse on the way
  • Go over to your mum's and have free lunch and tapau some back for dinner
  • Hop on to the bus and get down somewhere you have never been
  • Take pics of the places you have never been
  • If the weather gets too hot -  seek refuge in the nearest shopping mall and walk around each store mindlessly and gape at the window
  • Do window shopping ( oh wait that's the point above)
  • Sit somewhere cool and look at people and study their fashion sense and then laugh to yourself
  • Check out the restaurants and make a mental check on where to eat when your pay comes in or when your bae brings you out

  • Watch Movie
  • Go to some expensive gym
  • Go for a swim ( I mean the public ones, not the ones you have at your condo)
  • Go actual shopping - buy some more stuffs that you don't need
  • Grocery shopping -  surely someone at home needs something that's not on your list
  • Meet up with friends over lunch and you pay
  • Bring your mum out for high tea at some fancy hotel
  • Bring your mum out for Teh Tarik at the hawker centre if budget is an issue-she'll still taunt you and scold you for wasting that money on tasteless Teh Tarik not made by any Indian uncles.
  • Go to JB along or with friends ( its not that crowded during weekdays-daytime) and waste more money shopping

The list above is not by any means comprehensive nor complete, but hey its still something.

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