I am a Selfie blogger

Having a passion for something is a good full time job. It either pays you the money or it helps you to waste time effectively. What is passion generally? People throw that word around so carelessly. Is it something you love? Is it something you don't mind doing for long hours? Is it what drives you? What the hell is it?

According to 2010 edition of Oxford Dictionary in print ( because I have that on my desk all the time) passion is a very strong feeling of love, hatred, anger, enthusiasm.  I happen to be a person of balance - hence there's not much stuff in this world I am passionate about. But I don't get why people define themselves to what they do as passion.

For example, I checked out most popular blogs in Singapore -  and noted that they all fall in categories such as Fashion and Design ( lots of Chinese girls in anime getup), Food, Lifestyle, Parenting, Mommying ( yes -  there's a word for that as well as a dedicated list of bloggers too), travel, and etc.

Aren't they passionate about nothing else? If they are, why define themselves under one category? We must come up with a category for all the stuffs in life. I write about anything that happens to me -  so I think there should be a category for selfish people. Maybe, it should be called Selfie. I think its apt.

Listen people -  we all have one life each. Stop boxing yourself in one identity. You could be a working mum, stay at home mum, married housewife, working wife, breastfeeding mum, mum of sextuplets, we women are always balancing the roles of our life. Just go with the flow and don't label yourself. So what if you are not working? Your work is not your identity.

I am the CEO of my house. I manage the house, its items and the people living in it to ensure we are all following the motto of the house and moving towards a main objective. I wake up each day making a conscious effort to remain calm and ensure that I say stuffs that encourage my kid and not scare him away. Its a very hard work -  I admit. I am no saint. But that's what I do. I am passionate about learning how to do everything in life. So next time when you are asked what you do -  don't say you are a housewife. Say something else. Shock someone for god's sake. You are unique -  you can sure as hell surpurise someone.

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