What should I have done?

It was my birthday yesterday. I think I turned 37 or so. Its hard to keep up with numbers when you are unemployed. I spent time alone with my self in the first quarter of the day, followed by a date with my mum the next half of the day and the remaining quarters was spent with my family. I ended the night at the void deck under my mum's place for family issues and I tell you - it was a restless night for me.

For personal reasons -  I am not in the position to indulge more of the details that worries me since it involves other members in the family. But disturbed I am and I hope the coming months will ease the tension instead of amplifying it.

Today -  the day started off with more drama. My kid's school bus went AWOL. Two other parents waited for 30 mins and so and till i managed to get hold of the school bus management. After a while, I was advised to take cab to school and claim from the management since the bus apparently broke down on the way. Yet -  it shows the unprofessional way this was handled. Alan Bus services driver should have contacted either one of the parents if he was going to be late. No phone calls were made till contact was made to the management office. Such pathetic service. I will wait and see -  if this continues - I will resume sending my kid to school myself.

Another incident took place in the wee hours in the morning as well. I witnessed -  along with few other people waiting at the bus stop -  a couple arguing. At first it was an arguement between a boy and a girl. Then along the way there was another couple and then it was a bitch match between two girls, and then next thing I saw -  the guy  shoved the same girl he was arguing earlier on who was half his size and skinny down the floor and bash her. I saw him throw punches at her while she screamed. The other couple who were there - esp the girl didn't do anything , but the guy kept calling out his name to stop. His name was Bala  -  the whole area heard it. I think he threw punches at her for maybe 2 seconds, when a big Chinese uncle shouted at them and asked them to clear.

The girl who was beaten up, was walked by the other guy . They crossed me as many people watched and went into the new blocks somewhere in Blk 22. The other girl crossed the road I think. The guy who hit her - crossed the road and walked on the other side and then crossed back to our side again and went back to the same direction the other couple left -  I think to continue with the hits I think.

I didn't do anything. For a person who talks about women empowerment -  I stood witness to a small skinny woman hit in the public and it took a guy of different race to stop that shit. A part of me wanted to rush to the spot where she was being hit and scream at them to stop.But I didn't. But the point is -  I ever stopped a bitch fight between two Chinese women at a train station -  but I just didn't know if I should rush to today's fight to stop it, or take a video of the whole shit in front of them to stop them, or take pics of the whole thing. Either way -  I didn't know what to do. I am not a hero to actually go and do some stupid stunts (I may be big, but its all flabs and it will hurt if I am hit) to stop them.

I know if hubby was there he would have rushed to stop it -  but they are Indians. Bloody local fucked up kids -  who apparently had come from broken homes,with no proper guidance -  cos who the fuck hits a woman in public? You see - the assholes broke the fight up because a person with a different race came in. If I came in, it could have been worse or I could have made it worse. Or so I think and still think. I am not sure.

I feel guilty I didn't do much. I really do. The last time I saw a man bash up  a woman was when I was 5 when my dad thrashed my mum. I have never seen this happen after that and today I did. What should I be doing? What should I have done? That fucker shouldn't have this much of guts to do this to a woman in public with everyone watching. This is abuse, physical abuse and it would have caused her so much stress and humiliation.

What should I have done?

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