Stop Worrying - More tips to ride through your unemployment

As hard as it is for me to say it  -  I really have to admit that we all need jobs to make ends meet. We need paper money in exchange of the needs we want in life, like milk (Raihaan needs it for his honey stars -  otherwise its usually not in my grocery list), bread ( currently Sprouted white bread is my favorite), onions and tomatoes( because there is no Indian gravy without either).  So we need it. It also provides the continuity of services like mobile phone, electricity and water.

Being one of the 90% of people who have about 10% of  world wealth distributed ( a fact I learnt in "Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman - Is Poverty genetic?" episode) I have to earn work in some corporate company to earn a pay check. As such -  being unemployed -  and after sending out a couple of resumes ( not sure how much) I realized many people are having doubts about their own capabilities after not getting any call backs.

Time line

First of all -  it depends when you are looking for a call back. Towards the end of the month is like the period of year end bonus, Christmas, holidays and such. Not many people will leave their job at this time. Chinese New Year holidays -  are a big no no too due to long holidays and usually till April where some companies hold out performance bonuses at that time. So you have the timeline from April till October to look for job in Singapore.


Secondly  -  the market is bad dude. Like really. I know first hand that Shipping esp the export import market is not doing well. Not only that the offshore industry is also going bad. They are closing down offices and laying off people. So if you are not getting the call back  -  maybe thats because there are more than one applicant for one position opened and there's a tough competition out there.

Some 5,370 workers were laid off, up from 3,460 workers in the September quarter but similar to the fourth quarter of 2014 (3,910). About 50 percent of residents made redundant in the third quarter of 2015 secured employment by December 2015, down from 55 percent from the previous quarter, and 59 percent from the same period a year ago. - excerpt from Trading Economics Website.

Check out your industry  related news to see and keep yourself updated.


Practice mindfulness when applying for a job. Try not to take things personally in your search, Check out this website which gives out 5 tips to stay mindful when looking for a job.

Part time Maybe?

If you are still in the look out for the perfect job, and you need the cash -  trade your ego to a part time job on the side. I have to add in ego -  because ever since I got my degree ( after spending some 5 years trying to settle its loan) I feel that I shouldn't be looking for any job that calls for diploma holders and stuffs like that. That's my ego talking and its not helping with my end of the month phone bills at all... trust me.

Look for part time option. My friend told me about relief teaching and helping out elderly people with their medical appointment ( I can't remember what its called). If you feel you can help out old people and earn, or face a classroom of children who you have never seen before then go ahead. Or do tutoring -  teach someone from home for a fixed rate. It will help with the phone bills for the time being. Do something with the time you have -  time is equals to money. Do something.

Sell it

If you really need cash-  you can sell your unwanted stuff in eBay. I am not sure how much you can earn there -  but it depends on what you are selling. Years ago -  when I was not doing very well financially -  I sold my books to give me pocket money. You can try that. I sold and bought things in eBay  -  it gave me the credibility as a seller and a purchaser as well. So if you have stuffs you can sell -  try eBay. You need to have a Paypal account ( its free), and then your stuff and then you can start.

Maybe you can sell some skills. If you can draw henna-  put up your skills in Instagram or in Facebook and start off your service with maybe four or five dollars per hand and charge for the trip for personal services. Or volunteer for a wedding or an event. You need not be an expert -  just get some bunch of friends to help you out in this.

Maybe you are good at baking. Do something out of it. Start free first -  bake cookies or cupcakes first and then you will have orders coming in. That is if you are passionate about it. I can bake but I hate the work that comes along with it. So its out for me.

My advise -  if you intend to sell clothing lines like churdiars and saris - that business  is saturated now -  unless you have buyers for Sabya Saachi clothings and you can afford to buy and then sell it.

Side business

You can try the MLMs. I am not going to bad mouth them because -  their items are good. Like Amway, Eiken and all -  if you like their products, you can try them and get your contacts to try them and build a business on the side. Only if you are good at talking, and if you believe in the product. Remember -  nothing in life is free and easy ( even sleeping doesn't come easy for insomniacs). Of course you need to attend meetings ( you may not like it depending on your perspective) you need to listen and get your mindset changed and all and read up materials to understand your products. So its not at all easy -  the money will trickle in at first - slowly, but as you build your contact and help your contacts -  you can see money. And like I mentioned before-  its all in your mindset and passion. You no like -  then you no take.

These are my tips for now. Hopefully they are of help. Please drop me a line if you think there are more tips I could add and update. And don't worry if you are not getting the call backs. They will come soon. This is just a phase -  go through it with mindfulness. Have fun.

NB: Thanks for my friend Nisa -  who inspired this article today. Thanks babes.

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