Cleaning your own house - a beginner's guide

Up till the age of 25 ( before August 27th), my mother cleaned up the living space I was in. And I am not ashamed to admit it. My mother will have to yell and haggle with me just to sweep the house floor for the day and that's it. My chore for the day is done. My mum deals with the rest. And yes  -  the place was always clean magically and I never for once ever wondered how that happened. Until I moved into my own flat a month after my wedding.

Imagine my surprise when the dishes remained in the kitchen sink unwashed and still remain unwashed like two days later! Some body should be doing the dishes. I didn't see any food when I come back home from work and my new hubby will look at me with such expectations of some 5 course dinner the hour I'm back home. So in short -  domestic life after marriage was totally unexpected ( for me!)

But don't worry -  help is at hand if you are having the same shit too. Things are never that bad anyways.  Follow the small guides below to get you started:

1 -  Forget trying to be perfect

You are never going to get the house in perfect shape with all the cushions shaped 90 degrees in a certain angle like the cover in Home designer magazines. And if you are that perfect -  then change the mindset. You will have a hard time.

2.  One at a time

When I moved in to my first own living space ( a rental 3 room flat) -  I had a hall, kitchen and a room only to clean. Thats a big thing compared to the bedroom I was in charge of cleaning like weeks back.And my kitchen was a big one, not the shoebox types like the new flats now. So massive cleaning was in place. My mantra at that time was -  if my Mum could do it -  so could I. Unfortunately Mum and Me are two different people. I gave that mantra up within 2 weeks.

So take one room at a time and focus cleaning on that. No need to rush unless you have visitors coming over. You can clean one room today, and the other room the next.

3. Basic Hygiene

I am pretty sure -  this must have been taught in schools or by your parents. Ensure your living space is clean. By that I mean ensure your toilet is clean and neat, your stuffs are neat and you dont have used condoms lying around here and there.

4. Have some simple basics

Just ensure you have the following basics covered.

  • The moment you are up and done with your morning rituals -  make your bed. This is important
  • Sweep the living room,kitchen and the room you utilize every morning. If you have the iRobot thingy -  all the more the better. You can have it sweeping the house for you while you make your coffee.
  • Open up all the windows you have to allow light in  -  it will lift up your mood
  • Have 2 rubbish bins -  one in the kitchen and the other in the room. Others have a small teeny weeny bin in the toilet as well. Keep those. Accumulate all the rubbish - bag it and throw it away every night.
  • Wash all the dishes before you sleep. If you have a dishwasher -  rinse all the plates,load them in the dishwasher and sleep. They are in good pristine condition in the morning.
  • Wipe down kitchen space with a good cleaner before you sleep
  • Allocate one day just to do extra cleaning -  like exhuming the refrigerator ( I say exhuming because I throw away lots of expired food every time I clear the fridge)
  • If possible mop twice a week -  or if that's too much - start at once a week.
  • Fold clothes as soon as its out from drying -  because the moment you leave it - it will accumulate.
  • Wash the toilet and bath every other day -  if thats too much twice a week. 

5.  Get your partner to help

My husband was not the type of guy who'd help with the housework. So he never ever lifted his finger to help around. He tried maybe once or twice - but it didnt work. It only created havoc in our marriage. So I had to deal with it on my own. But on the other hand -  hubby was not a fussy type. He was not harping on the cleanliness of the house. If its messy - its messy. What to do?

Get your partner to help. If not - then get them to change their mindset that you can only do so much. 

I have moved into a bigger house with more rooms to clean and a bigger kitchen now. And trust me -  I still follow the above mentioned rules.More tips coming up soon.

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