A new chapter in the process

I have updates:

  • Phone found the very next day it was lost - thanks to the guy who found it and came all the way home to return it. 
  • My inlaws have arrived.
  • I am no longer working. Laid off.

I am not going to waste any time writing about it. It wastes my energy actually. The phone has been found and my in laws have arrived. Both are not so interesting topics to write and ponder. A job lost -  is not a captivating topic to write about either. 

The shipping industry as a whole is going through some rough shit. And small shipping firms like the one I have been working for had been caught in the financial bleedout of it. Shit happens. So its over. I knew this in end of December and my last day was last Friday. With all the hoo haa I have been having since my in laws arrived - I was not able to comprehend that I am finally unemployed.

I have labelled myself as a part time IT personnel for the past five years. I have been working from home most of the time -  a dream job for many - but a challenging role it was. But somewhere along the line -  I lost the crux of logic and life. I - like many others -  took the job I did for living as given. I thought that this was forever. I have been employed for over 15 years now and I should know now - more than ever that nothing is permanent. But I still felt the kick in the tummy. I am not sure how else to explain the feeling. The label I had was like a skin I shed the moment I handed over my stuffs to the HR. I felt vulnerable and naked. This is how retrenchment feels like. 

Anyway -  the phase now is of looking for a job and what a hassle it is. Really. Its like going back into the dating scene after being with someone for a long time. The skills I have had acquired over the past few years are like gray matter you know? Its not exactly this, but not exactly that as well. Its kinda  unique. But the jobs out there -  are like fixed. They want this and this and not that. But I have the same skills, but not exactly that. Its like dating someone you DID NOT specify for. I requested for Indian male, tall,dark and handsome, but I get some mixed fellow who cannot speak Tamil and looks a cross between brown and yellow and you know what I mean. Totally incorrect result.

If I had a choice - I rather be self employed -  working at my own pace and time. But I am not sure what that job would be. I don't like to work for others - but like so many 80's kids, I have been tuned to work for money. ( Thats a rotten excuse...I know). 

Anyway -  this is a different phase - not a new one though. Have been laid off before, and that was like ten years ago. I guess I have to look forward for career advancements every decade. Nothing is permanent - and everything is temporary. As mentioned - this is another chapter -  and this time the adventure has begun and let hope the upcoming new chapters are as promising as the older ones.

Ciao people and happy CNY.

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