5 tips to survive unemployment - Hira style

As you might have read in my previous dull post -  I am no longer working for another person's monetary gain -  and as such my monetary has seen better life!
Anyway -  since I have been unemployed -  I am listing the top 5 tips to survive this phase. All my thoughts and tips -  not copied.

1 -  Move on
This can mean two things -  move as in move your body and not remain stationary in one place -  especially the couch and the bed no matter how comfortable they may seem -  and move on  as in to start looking for another job to do instead of being worried about it. I meant the latter. But the former will do too

2. Keep updated
During the phase of employment -  we would have used the social media -  namely FB as the only means of staying abreast of world news. Shame on us. Actually I used twitter. Anyway -  the point being -  social media such as FB and twitter can help in knowing whats going on -  but you should now use the time to really catch up on your industry related news. You don't need to know that terrorism is on the rise -  we all know that. That information - however is not relevant to your current unemployment status in Linked In. If you are in the IT industry -  check related news. Keep updated. See what else you need to be on the top of your game. If you need to be certified or need to go for a course - go for it.

For your information -  the state is already helping people to continue their further studies via the Skills Future Scheme. Take a look at its website and learn more on how to use the funds allocated for you. Or check out online education in Coursera (Coursera.org) and in Udemy(udemy.com) for more affordable courses. You can also use your Skills Future money for courses in Udemy.

3. Exercise
When looking for employment on the internet  -  you can tend to sit too long and doze off like I do most of the time, or wallow in self pity that you don't exactly have the skills required for that 5K job ( at times I do). Take the time now to exercise.Note - I did not ask you to take up on the gym membership - I- of all people in the world know that it does not work. If you are the morning type  - wake an hour earlier, and go for a walk or run. If you are the night type -  then do the same at night - just ensure you are well geared for the dark.  If you hate to leave the house -  then go to Namaste.com and check out their free yoga videos and do some stretching. Just keep moving.

4. Social Life
Think of this time as a time to catch up with your working peers and folks. Meet them up for lunch, or after work and chat. If from the same industry -  get some scoop about the status of the industry and of course have some chillax session with your friends -  after all life is not all about work ( well..it usually is at the end of the month.. Trust me)

5. Relax ( and pray)
Shit happens for a reason. So take comfort in that and relax. Take up a small hobby. Play with kids( yours and your family's not the stranger's), engage in prayers if you really are in a deeper shit than you need to, and remember to take a deep breath. Shit stinks yeah -  but you still need to breathe. So relax peeps.

Ensure that your resume has been dusted, cleaned and updated before doing all the above. Ciao.

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