Designer Babies and Future of creating babies.

The first day of school after 6 weeks of school holiday went well yesterday (not counting the fact that my kid was missing -  but found later waiting for a school bus that I didn't arrange). I am still getting used to the morning session routine. Only one kid -  so its easy for me. My sympathies to the Super Mums out there managing more than one kid.

Anyways I had time to watch a show and have breakfast after sending kid to school and I watched Through the wormhole with Morgan Freeman. I like his shows. His show last week made me think about Reality. Are we really real or are we mere simulations created by humans far far into the future? I did some small read ups on that and I m hooked. Still looking into it though.

But this week;'s episode was freaky to me. It was about creating babies. So far - before test tube babies -  the only form of way was to procreate. Then the act of conception was brought outside onto a test tube where humans acted God or assisted God and made conception easier.  But now science was coming up with new freaky stuffs

1) Using skin cells. It seems that these skin cells can be manipulated into becoming anything -  with the correct portion of chemicals and stuffs -  it can become your next kidney, liver, heart or any other organs. Its capable of becoming a sperm or a egg. But the sperm created need not come from a man. It can come from a woman. All they need is the stem cells or skin cells from a guy or gal -  they can manipulate it to become a sperm ( with the correct amount of protein and other hormonal stuffs) or even an egg.

With this  - couple with same sex marriage -  can each use their stem cells to create a sperm and egg each and produce a baby. This is like a boon for the same sex couple.

2) Babies created - has the genes and chromosomes of both its parents. The X and Y chromosomes from the Dad and Mum. But why limit it to 2?  Now -  there's a new techonology that creates a baby with more than 2 partners. 

This helps to prevent Mitochrondial disease.

Mitochondria are tiny "power stations" present in great numbers inside nearly every cell of the body.If a high proportion of them are defective then cells will be devoid of energy. Mitochondria are passed on to a child from the mother.

Mitochrondial is like the life source of your body. As mentioned above -  if large portion of them is defective -  the cells in your body is deprived of energy. You will wither.

Since this is passed from the mother to the child -  what they aim to do is to withdraw the nucleus formed by both the parents. Imagine a small egg shells with a yolk in it. The yellow yolk is your baby. And the shell is the DNA of both the father and mother.

The technology will remove the yellow yolk from the shell -  without breaking it.
Then they will remove the yellow yolk from a healthy donor egg shell  by a 3rd party donor and destroy it. They only want the shelter anyway.

The yolk removed from the bad egg shell will be injected into the donor egg and then implanted into the mother to form a healthy baby. So now - you have the DNA of the mother,father and then the donor woman.

Its science attempting to be God. This has noble causes -  it prevents damage to the kid's future. Its purely eliminating the damaged  DNA from the parents and still creating a new baby with another person's DNA in it.

This however is already a reality in which Britain has become the first country to approve the technology.

3) If babies are now conceived in test tube  -  do they still need to be implanted in the woman to be born? Well -  they have found no need for that as well.

Research was made by Australian Scientist that you don't need a womb to help carry a baby to its full term. They can create a womb outside a woman's body. All they need is a vessel with the same chemical and hormonal concoction that's required to hold on to a baby to its full term. An artificial womb. You can create embryos without the need for a man or a woman and keep them in a artificial womb and mimic the functions of a womb and they are taken out from the artificial womb when they reach 40 weeks or so.

I got frightened when I saw this. This was like some sci fi horror movie becoming a reality.

4) So now if baby can be made with more than 2 DNA and they can be conceived outside - why limit it to human species? What happens if we combine the DNA of a spider to the concoction of 3 DNA baby? Some rebel scientist is already working on this.  He took the DNA of a spider that spins some special web ( I really didn't hear the exact detail) and combined into the Sheep. And they gave birth. No -  they didn't have 8 legs.They all turned out normal, But when they gave birth, the scientist took their milk out and found that they can create webs as well.

So imagine. Animal DNA and Human DNA. Mermaids and Spidermans will become real. Its not enough to be fucked by a horse or a bear anymore. They need species with mixed breed. Goodness.

I was clearly freaked out.

I understand the need for a child -  trust me -  I know. The need to have a child is deep and ancient - something that cannot be explained.

But what many parents who are not able to have kids fail to grasp is that what they are trying so hard to create is a child and a person with feelings as well. You cannot be creating designer babies just to appease your inner desires. You could adopt or something.  I am not sure of the effect of IVF yet cos the first person to be born of IVF is already married and has kids of her own born naturally. But about her own kid's health and future - only time will tell. Results take time to happen.

I believe in God and I also truly believe Hes a wonderful, smart programmer who thought everything through before creating us. I don't think he needs partners to create little human babies.
I am really really scared that people are indeed playing God. Suddenly the kids born naturally will become inferior to those designer kids.


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