Women's magazine

Have you ever noticed how -  in almost every websites, magazines,and shows that cater for women have almost the same thing? Its like...nothing sells if the categories are not included.
Like weight loss. Oh my god! Its over rated.

Women have been trying to lose weight since they were ten. And there are countless amount of books dedicated to it. There's the South Beach Diet, the Atkins Diet, the cabbage drink diet, the 3 meals only diet, the 6 small meals a day diet, the juice only diet, the no protein diet, the clean diet and so on. Every year -  some one comes up with some formula - its gets the buzz and finds it way to the websites and women's magazine.

Do you ever see this in a men's magazine? Nope. The men don't care about gaining weight. If they are gaining weight, they will pull themselves together, go and play soccer with the guys or go swimming or something. They don't count calories and weigh themselves religiously unless they are hugely overweight and are monitored by their dietitian.

Its not only about weight loss -  they feature beauty care  - what women should have in their daily regime. It used to be just face wash and moisturiser -  like eons ago. Then it was face wash, toner and moisturiser. Now I think a lot more came after and in between that -  it takes like an hour to complete these rituals of applying murky water and smelly cream and by the time you hit the bed -  I don't think you are in the mood for anything else but deep sleep. Women want to be fair and white in colour and are willing to spend lots of money trying to find the elixir that will make them look like J.Lo , Kim K, Nicole K and so on. But those babes look like normal people when they go to bed you know. They don't exactly look like their photo shopped magazine cover at all.

Do you think men go through all that? I m sure they have a column or at the most 2 paragraphs of skin care.

Apply that thing on the face.
Slap here and there.
Wash and clean.

That might be it. I don't know -  I might have to check out a guy's magazine to know more. And honestly speaking- the only men related social magazine I have glanced apart from porn -  is tech, car, body building, sport and money related. I may have seen a magazine or two with muscular guys on the front cover.

The standards in any magazine -  Teen related to late adulthood - has the following:

1) Weight loss tips
2) Beauty Regime
3) Make up /Make over
4) Fashion -  the cosmetics/ fashion wear you must have
5) Travel
6) Entertainment - usually gossips about Hollywood
7) Horoscope
8) Cooking -  recipes
9) Aunt Agony or something

Yeap the same  - over and over again. Isn't there something else that would interest women?

But how long will the same rubbish be recycled? Theres only so much you can write about stuffs!
I feel the following categories must be included

* Career choices/Counselling advise
This should be included in magazines for teenagers along with the normal advises they get about the people they hang around with and safe sex.

*Clean Lifestyle
*Wise advise
*Quotes from real life ladies/people who change life not change husbands
*Career advises
* World News
* Money matter
* Medical stuffs
* Cleaning tips

And so many more. I totally believe articles about money and being financial savvy should be included in all women's magazine. That is one subject not many ladies are well versed about, especially when it  comes to investing, and trading. Oprah's O magazine always has a page about this by Suze Orman. Magazines should arrange  talks and seminars about financial planning and retirement planning along with talks about diabetes, fertility  and any medical issues that plaque women and so on. This - I mean for the older ladies after 21.

You see -  in all the reality shows that I have watched ( like 10 mins of each show before I change the channel) I don't see the people in there doing any housework. How does the house gets cleaned? The mags have to come up with a page on this as well. Like how to get the clutter free from the rooms or something.

I have actually stopped buying magazines couple of years ago once I realised the pattern. Now the only mags I read are the ones that are available when I am waiting at the hospitals or in the airports or something.

Theres always something new to read or learn for everyone - these normal templates about weight loss and gossips should be sidelined and focus placed on empowerment of women. How else are we going to create intelligent and strong ladies who are not obsessed with their physique and face?

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