Happy 2016 peeps

A new year is coming up. 2016 is just a few days away and I just went through my New year's post. I have done nothing new or interesting at all. 2015 was one of those years that nothing gets done.
Its like being on board a Star Cruise  -smooth sailing it was.

I actually didn't get to do what I wanted in 2015. Like settling one of my credit cards or getting pregnant. I did travel this year -  so thats good,

Anyway -  new year bring cheers and most importantly hope that the coming new set of 12 months brings about new postive changes in one's life. Its like having a clean slate on new year. I guess the end of the month brings some sort of hormonal change as well - since almost everyone is suddenly on a new resolution to do stuffs that they hardly do or dream of doing -  like exercising and losing weight among some of the stuffs that I can name.

I predict the coming year - to be a tough one for me atleast.
Work wise, relation ship wise and especially spiritually - its going to be a tough time ahead. I have had a smooth sailing time this year -  and next year may prove challenging.

As usual, I wish all you of the best in the coming year.

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