Completed the run!

For the 2nd time -  I completed the GE Womens's Fun Run 5km race. The difference this time was that I was not alone. My hubby and friends were there cheering for me at the finishing line. My cousin was with me in the run -  though she was no where to be found during the run -  we found each other in the end. And the other difference was that I felt the run was short. Not long like the first time few years ago. I guess training made all the difference.

I ran a bit here and there, but did a fast walk most of the time. It was not easy to run as most of the ladies were walking themselves and stalled a bit here and there. There were 17000 entries this year - so there were a lot of ladies there. But I guess  the 5km run had the most runners - because even after I completed the run in 50 mins -  there were still throngs of women after me.

Overall the run was exciting and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Since I stayed over at my cousins, and she drove me to the event, I left my overnight bag at her car. So I tagged along with her and she dropped me at Shenton Way at hubby's office. Hubby and friends, came over in 3 minutes and picked me up. We had a good breakfast over at Tanjong Pagar and then left for home. I rested for a few hours due to throbbing headache- and body pain all over  - and somehow towards the end of the day - it seems as if the run was like a long time  ago!

Anyways check out the pics taken at the event.
Before the run -  while waiting for the flag off.

During the run. I have no idea who took this pic. This was in the GE facebook.

Slowing down at the end of the race.

This is me after collecting my drinks, food and medal!

Me and my medal!!
Me and the cousin!!

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