Race Pack collected

I collected my race pack on Saturday along with my poor cousin whom I dragged for support. Poor thing couldn't say no -  though I was pretty sure she was screaming inside. Since it was only 5 km and not 21 km -  she was ok.

Anyway -  please find pics of below of me collecting race pack and the contents inside. I am slowly losing the interest to document every single details of my life - hence the delay. Sorry about it.
If I have the mood to do wefies and selfies on the actual race day -  will post them. If not -  will get my cousin to take pics of me.

With the haze and all - I'm not sure if the race will take place.

Pray for me faceless readers. Pray that I run at least 30 mins non stop for the run.
Ending with pics taken at this years deepavali bazaar.

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