God Forgives - but not the Internet

I am not exactly good with details  and descriptions -  so I will explain my blog today within the limitation of my grammer and vocab.

I heard on the radio in the cab today - about a local blogger who blogged about the nupitals of a friend -  but instead of posting generically - she in fact said a couple of negative things about it. Unfortunately for her -  she sort of didn't know she was famous or if she knew, but she didn't expect the reaction -  she has drawn ire and criticism from the Internet.

The question posted on the radio was what do we - the listeners think about the whole situation? Was it blown out of proportion or was the negativity posted on her blog -  uncalled for? And something about responsible social networking.

First of all -  I panicked when I heard about it. People are reading other's blog? I mean - I have a blog and I post consistently -  but do I read others? Unless its a cooking blog - no way. I know a few good readers of mine -  but am I famous? I don't know. (Honestly - I will be spooked if I find out I'm famous!)

Secondly -  I felt bad for the blogger. I'm pretty sure she feels bad about the whole thing too. People who have no faces talking bad about her. I mean  - yeah she did comment on the details of the wedding and all  - and come on -  who does not? I mean -  we complain about the food at times, but actually most of the time -  I never complained - unless the door gift is just something lame. But still -  being put on a stake for being truthful??

Thirdly -  though the blog is hers - the wedding is not. If she really wanted to say something that bugged her from the beginning - she should have posted the thing in private. At least she would have satisfied her complaining itch.  If its my marriage and she 's a friend of my hubby's and she said such things in her blog and I find out about it through the radio and all -  and I know her -  then its actually me who she's shaming. But people on the internet felt the same and stood up for that bride and rebutted her. I don't know -  it looks like fair to me on both sides. ( Arbitration was never my cup of chai)

Still -  there's something called responsible social networking.
I have mentioned this before as well.
This is the age of attention grabbing - not information. Information is at everyone's fingertips now. Google is doing all it can to give you the info you need within seconds. But its the people's attention that the internet is clamouring for. They want your few seconds of attention before you go on to the next whatever topic online.

So -  even if there are myriad of things in our life and we want to post all of them on the Internet  -  leaving our cyber footprints around -  we have to take note what we are posting -  either on the blog or on any of the social networking sites.

What am I achieving by venting out negativities about others and their lives in my private blog space? Am I trying to sway my readers to my point of view? Do I want them to see what I see? Are my readers -  any bit like me?

I will never know when someone reads my blog and posts it online and it becomes an instant viral thingy -  from myside all the way to the White House in US - I will never know. So I have to keep in mind who my readers are.

Again -  I have no idea who my readers are -  so its only safe to say that I should only write things I feel its safe to write about without causing any issues out in the open. If I don't know a subject-  I am the first to admit that I don't and I don't voice my opinion about it.

Again -  the golden rule applies I feel.
If you have nothing nice to say -  then don't say.
Or don't type it and send it to the darn internet.
Just write it out in plain old paper -  read it as much as you want and then shred it into million of pieces. We are all human -  and we are all evil somewhere deep inside. You need to write it out and let  it go? Then do it.

God forgives  - my dear friend-  but the internet does not forgive - nor forget.

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