Think twice what you wish for

Its no secret that I have little to no patience in dealing with idiots. The same goes to dealing with imbeciles, fools, know all, and again idiots. Just very little patience.  Very.

We just had a polling day last Friday in which the management of the country has given us the small folk down the food chain- the choice to choose the next set of management to run the small but efficient island. So they dissolved the existing government some time back and made way to the oppositions to have a piece of action and maybe a chance to rule the estate...oh sorry. The small island.

Look -  let me be frank. I am a very very typical layman. The exact layman the government thinks of. I am no different than Dreaminah.  I heck care whos running for the country as long as its the ruling party. If they win -  my life goes on as per normal. Because it has been. And I am not interested in changes. I don't mind if there's a change in my diet, my lifestyle, my work -  but not my comfort zone. Pff! You may roll your think I care? Actually nope.

First of all -  my knowledge of politics is at the same level as my pet cat. That actually tells you a whole lot of stuff about me. I know nada and I am fine with it.  I also know the top management did not do very well at the last election and they were pretty much shaken with the knowledge that the ruling party does not actually last forever. Yikes!

Secondly -  I live in a bubble -  where things are fine the way they are. I get to work, I have  a house, I am living comfortably ( mashallah), I have a husband whos providing for me and the family, I have a son who's going to a normal school and I provide for my mother. Now lets see if my basic needs are met:

Shelter -  Check
Clothes -  Check
Food -  Check
Peace - Check
Security -  Check

So lets see what else I can ask for....hmm lets put a cap to the foreigners coming. Why ok?! Lets do that. Capped.

Hey why are the bins overflowing with yesterday's rubbish?  Why are the parks not clean? Why is no one serving me at my overpriced restaurant?

Oh that's cos you asked for the cap of foreigners silly! You wanted the management to limit the number of labours coming in -  check. That's done. Now clean up your fucking mess. You expect the Bangla ( brothers from Bangladesh are called that locally) to do it for you? Sorry puppy -  but you didn't want him there in your face remember? So off he went to another place to work. Why don't you clean your own shit?

No no -  I didn't mean that. What I meant  to say is - limit the number of foreigners taking over jobs that educated local people can already do. You don't need foreign talents for admin or managerial positions? You can get the locals to do it.  We can get the usual people to do the menial jobs they are already doing - and theres already the Ang Mohs who live in Sentosa Cove  and in places we have no idea existed in Singapore -  they can do the bigger jobs like thinking and coming up with the real ideas. Let us the locals do the middle man job. Like lifting the paper from one tray to another. Like pushing files from one desk to another. Like talking about the colour of our skin. Yeah -  that we can do.


More than 50 years ago - the locals were majority of pig farmers and immigrants who made a living.  You want to be the middle men then? If you were -  then there was no way  we could be where we are now. So the  management thought out of the box and brought in Ang mohs who were smarter and were more advanced ( after all they did win the war with military prowess -  they didnt win it by being nice). They went looking for the smart people who could lead, who can think big and who can make it big. And they did.

We had the manpower -  so they used us. We became the factory workers, the construction workers, the cleaners, the  waiters, and then slowly owners and business owners and entrepreneurs. Now we are getting the foreigners to do it for us -  while we eye for the bigger pie. No harm in that actually. Its a natural progression. We are inclined by nature to progress-  not sit under the blocks and talk about the life that used to be. So we want to grow. But you are not getting the jobs. You want that IT job -  but you will not work after 6pm for last minute patches, you find that position like an hour's travel away from home, you dont think out of the box, you have no initiative and no imagination. And yet you complain about the colour of your skin. Really?

Yes -  its true racisim exists. Its a blatant lie if you say it does not ( or you lived in some cave or something).  Parents are teaching their children that subtlely. The colour of your skin matters. From primary school level to the day you retire. But you know what? This is not something new...its been around since the Ice Age. So if you think you have been sidelined for that promotion, or for that job because of the colour of your skin -  maybe you are right. But you think you are going to get the job you want by just getting in at the first interview? No! You need to go interviews after interviews. You will learn to be humble. Maybe that degree was not such a big deal after all. Maybe that certification you thought would land you many job offers at your feet -  is actually worth nothing than the dust sitting on it. Maybe you need to work on your people skill. Maybe you need to brush up on your skills. Maybe you need to improve.  Does that occur to people? Sadly nope. The first thing they think -  the colour of your skin matters. That yellow fellow who did average in his studies is going higher in his career. That Indian foreigner has been given a raise or a room of his own. That Filipino girl with that accent was praised during the team meeting. You think they got that because of their colour?

You would have never seen them leave exactly at 6pm when you leave. You will never have to worry about an issue with them around cos you know they will settle it. You will not have to deal with people because you have someone else in your team who knows how to handle it. They are where they are because they can work. They have earned it. What have you done - but complain?

Oh ok -  so now what? You want a change of management because owning a car is expensive? You could have bought a 2 storey landed property with beautiful garden, plus a massive swimming pool and a car somewhere in Australia or India with the amount you are paying for a hyundai in Singapore? Really?

Have you ever left your home town where you were born to live in a 3rd world country? Try it. Its an eye opener. Try to move from one place to another in your expensive branded car which maybe like a 20 mins drive. You will arrive your destination, angry, tired, frustrated 2 hours later. Cos thats what cheaper car and lack of land does.Traffic, traffic and heavy traffic.

 You want parking to be free? You want car parks all over the estate to be free wherever they are? How will you move your car then? How will you park your car when you come back? You thought about that? If its free - why would people want to follow rules? They can park their damned car wherever they want. They can even block yours. You end up parking a few block away from yours and walk the long mile home. This will not be an issue if you own a landed property with parking space. But I'm pretty sure you don't.

You want groceries to be free? Why? People who work hard on sourcing them and getting them need to be paid as well you know. Its a cycle. If everything is free - what will you be working for? The Pradas and the Rolexes?

I want a few good changes too. I want free education from Primary school all the way to secondary schools.  I want sponsored education for children for their higher studies. I want longer and paid maternity leave for the new mothers. I want free child care for working mothers. That I think is reasonable. With all the basic needs that the management has done so far for us for such a long time - I think they could do this as well.

Which country is letting you use your CPF to pay for your education and your house? Which country has the best transportation services all around? You have air conditioned bus and trains. Not many people have that. You have good infrastructure, law and order is maintained. You are respected no matter your colour. Black or white - yellow or brown -  you get to study in the same mainstream school and get the same education as others. You are given the opportunity to improve and move on.

Its a pity -  actually when people say that I make a bad choice when I vote for the management. I feel sad when I see people post in social networks that they want to chase  the "gahmen" out during the poll.  Idiots. Again its my vote - so I don't care two hoots what you think of who I vote for. You think I m a loser or anything else that more degrading than the dust collecting on that certification you thought would bring you places -  go ahead. Say it. I don't care.

I walk in the dark alone after work. I worry not about any shadows lurking. I worry not about my modesty. I worry not about the safety of my children and family. If that is not important to me as a person -  I don't know what else is. What's the use of you getting a new change of government if you lose whatever you thought of as a given?

That's why you are not getting anywhere you fools. We still need the  angmohs and the  smart ones because they think out of the box - but you are still bumping in the dark in the  ultra small box of yours.

Think twice about what you wish for. You may live to regret it.

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