one week Holiday

I just realised ( very belatedly) that I have posted 400 posts in over 7 years of blogging!  Good for me!! Yay!

And yes -  my website looks out of place today - cos I added a cout down timer next to it.

I lost count of the  number of week I am in my training period. I have been consistent in waking up wee hours and doing the walk. So far so good. I did attempt to lift my feet for nano seconds to jog - somehow that did not materialise well enough. So walking resumes.

My training log so far -  thanks to RunKeeper app ( you can download this free from Google Play and Apple Store of course -  you can add me to see my records as well.)

Date Day Mode KM Duration min/km Calories
15th Aug Sat Walk 4.33 1:01:30 14:13 367
17th Aug Mon Walk 4.15 00:53:53 13:00 352
19th Aug Wed Walk 4.31 00:54:49 12:44 367
20th Aug Thu Walk 4.85 1:02:49 12:58 418
21st Aug Fri Walk 4.80 1:01:49 12:53 414
23rd Aug Sun Walk 4.82 1:01:50 12:37 395
27th Aug Thu Walk/Run 4.88 1:02:04 12:42 421
28th Aug Fri Walk/Run 4.82 1:04:31 12:24 416
29th Aug Sat Walk/Run 4.89 1:05:10 13.19 419
31st Aug Mon Walk/Run 4.77 1:04:01 13:25 399
2nd Sept Wed walk 4.88 1:00:45 12:26 416
4th Sept Fri Walk 4.75 0:59:33 12:33 419
5th Sept  Sat walk 4.97 1:01:15 12:20 405

I don't dare look at the scales. Funny that an object that I stand on -  scares me so much. I will know if there are any physical changes when I wear something -  and that has not happened yet.

Yet -  I do not complain in the mornings any more - its not a drag to walk 4 plus km any more. I look forward for my time alone. I look forward for the pain in my feet, and hips, I look forward for my t-shirt to be  drenched with sweat and I look forward to walk and walk with music accompanying my every step . Talking about music-  I use an app called Rock My Run -  where I took the time to check out the mix of songs based on genre, BPM, type of workout and etc and hear them out. They are all English Mix of course and when that time line is done - I check out my own list of Tamil and Hindi songs.  I look forward to check out the final data after my walk at my mobile app, and I look forward to post it and mark improvements. Oh yes I do.

Currently theres; another 56 days more to my 5K rum. Maybe I should have a ticker in this blog somewhere.

I have been wanting to be  a typical blogger and post pics of me and the trail that I walk every day -  but somehow or rather I get self conscious. Will try to get some pic real soon. 

Apart from that little update people - nothing much rocks my life. I am pretty much bogged down with the news of refugees heading to Europe and I was told none of the Muslim world in this small little Earth has come forward to give them asylum. Great job my Muslim brothers! Great job! You must sleep well I guess. You can't hear me - but I'm clapping here for you. No wonder -  hoards of refugees have converted. No wonder at all. Keep on the good job of preaching Islam and rejecting people of Islam at the same time. I don't want to blog about that of course -  I will only say little of what I know not much about.

One week holidays has started, and I am still drilling my son with work sheets and assessment books. Hes detained at home and not sent over to my Mum's -  which he sort of took it as a form of punishment -  but he's taking it well I assume.

Well  - its not all work and books you know. He had a sleep over at his friend's house last Friday for the first time. ( he stayed over at Kaysav's)  and he said he had fun! Have planned two more places for this week and then back to work and studies again.

Have a great week ahead peeps.

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