Haze and holiday

The annual Haze season is upon us and for the past two weeks -  we have responded well towards it with complaints, complaints and more complaints. And today -  it was pretty bad  -  my entire car park looked as if it was in heaven -  smoke filled and all. PSI levels were around the 300 plus I guess ( I'm not a fan of statistics). Anyways -  its been announced that schools are closed tomorrow. So it means it really is bad. So I am going to stay locked inside my room and blast the AC on and work.

View from my Study Room. 

And to make matters worse for me - I was not able to walk and train for my run because of the haze. 2 Weeks. That's 14 days. That's like a lot of hours wasted. I am going to have to take the thread mill out, dust it and work on it from tomorrow onwards. I was hoping the haze will move over  - but its not happening.

Today is Hari Raya Haji. The annual Haj pilgrimage is done this year  and is celebrated all over the Muslim World and some non muslim world as well.  I did the usual. Left the house in the morning to bunk at mum's place and have breakfast, lunch and dinner and then came back home with RA. TA is not in town. He's celebrating this occasion with his family. I just spoke to them in Skype -  they are ok. I had my friends over for lunch and it was fun having them over as well.

Both Me and TA today.

I have not much to post people. Happy Holidays peeps.

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