Self Imposed distraction

The day I printed and gave out name cards to people stating me as a blogger -  I stopped blogging. Just like that.
As mentioned in my previous posts - I am dealing with hell lot of stuffs and I lost the mojo to blog. It just got lost.

First of all -  we adopted a daughter into our family. Her name is Dreamina. She's a 6 month old feline -  adopted officially from SPCA last July. Shes not of a specific exotic breed or something-  just a very common breed of cat. Its now a month since she's been in our house and its terrific to have her around. After 11 years of avoiding any pets into the house -  TA has finally allowed a pet just because RA asked for it during  his prayers when he fasted. Except for me -  the boys are learning how to adapt to her and play with her.

Next -  because I was worried for Dreamina's safety -  lest she tries to climb up the windows in my balcony to tackle my plants - I placed all the plants outside my door and created a sort of small garden. Its not Gardens by the Bay - but it is something for me. Proud? You bet I am!

Work -  I am like a double agent. Working on 2 different software  - testing and writing, testing and writing. Every time I test something - system cocks up. And I stop testing. I stop and start. Stop and start. I am so tired of this. But it goes on.

Admin -  Admin as in house matters -  I am focusing on RA's works . Especially in Maths and Tamil. As like every typical kan cheong,Singaporean mother -  I printed out test papers from popular schools. The plan is simple. Complete all the worksheets and assessment books bought for RA before the school ends.

Unfortunately for me -  I was too eager to buy 2 assessment book for each of his subject -  and along with test papers -  I was far behind on the schedule. Actually way too far. So I have been teaching and guiding RA on Maths every morning before he goes to school and Tamil when he comes back. One hour each time.  And I struggle. 

Its not the subject I struggle with. Its the negotiating with my son I struggle with. He's Ok and normal and a sweet boy as long as he's watching tv, playing with Dreamina, and eating snacks. But when the clock strikes 8pm -  and I call out to him to start working on his papers-  he becomes this stubborn brat -  runs away from  me . I will have to chase after him, cajole and beg him and if that does not work, I will threaten him with lots of stuffs. When he finally sits on his chair and sees the papers he's supposed to work on -  he will moan, cry, whimper and complain and whine. Oh my god he whines! He will then negotiate the number of papers he will do. He will waste time contemplating on what 1 plus 1 is when he knows it very well. A sum that takes 2 mins to do  -  he will take 5 mins. 
Patience -  I need patience.  And also -  learnt a valuable lesson -  NO BUYING OF ASSESSMENT BOOKS unless absolutely necessary.

Then -  because its not a secret that I am overweight and also that I am trying for another child-  I have decided to stop all process of trying for a child. I need to focus on everything else but a child. So I on a whim -  registered for the GE Women's Run -  that will be held on the 1st of November. This is the 2nd time, I am participating -  hence focus is on training. 

First of all -  Don't laugh. You may have this imagination of me -  heavy me - running and panting and looking like one kind.( And you know what I mean). Think all you want -  it might happen. Cos at the moment- training consists of finding a circuit ( the place where I can walk from/to home that is not  like walking around the same round over and over again. It should be a continuous path where I can walk/run for 1,5 hours minimum).  So off I started last Saturday with TA to find the circuit. 

Date Day Mode KM Duration min/km Calories
15th Aug Sat Walk 4.33 1:01:30 14:13 367
17th Aug Mon Walk 4.15 00:53:53 13:00 352
19th Aug Wed Walk 4.31 00:54:49 12:44 367
20th Aug Thu Walk 4.85 1:02:49 12:58 418

Its nothing big -  but I managed to walk and eventually -  today -  I found the perfect circuit. There is no way I can extend the walk to 1.5 hours -  because there is no space- unless I run around the Pandan Reservoir which I am not attempting at the moment. 

Because I am extremely self conscious -  I walk/run in wee hours in the morning. Like  -  I'm out of the house by 6am and be back in an hour.  And wee hours at that time -  it still looks dark and all and not many people around. I enjoy the solitude at that time. But I don't dare walk the 7km Pandan Reservoir on my own - not yet. Its dark, isolated and really scary. And actual running will start next week- since week 1 is about walking and finding my circuit and comfort zone-  the next week onwards -  it will be jogging.  I will update as much as I can about it.  I need to focus on everything else but myself. The objective is to lose weight of course -  but at the same time -  I need to know my limits. Can I really run the entire 5km and not walk/run like the last time? I don't know. Will I be consistent in my training ? I don't know. But should I let that doubt stop me? I don't think so.

Anyway -  blogging will be a little off for a while. Focus is on work at the moment , I am on self imposed dead line. Have to complete my work before my boss asks me for it. So  -  pray that I complete all on time.

I have to continue with the coaching now. Ciao peeps. Jaime.

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